Review: Scottevest Evolution Travel Jacket

Short version: Scott Jordan understands geeks. Or at least, he understands what geeks want in clothing. The Evolution Travel Jacket takes the same basic concept as the other Scottevest products, and refines it. The Evolution is a jacket with more pockets then most people will ever need, and could quite easily replace a backpack or messenger bag when traveling.


  • 25 pockets
  • Personal Area Network wiring system
  • Adaptable to warmer weather
  • Ideal for layering


  • Sometimes it feels like too many pockets

Scottevest Evolution Travel Jacket

I like Scott’s clothing line. I dig the cotton hoodie, and I really like the Evolution Travel jacket. It’s lightweight enough that it’s a great spring/early summer jacket, and it’s cut it such a way that it’s ideal for layering as well. I hate to sound like too much of a fanboi, but the TEC clothing line really speaks to me and the way I live. In addition to being a blogger, I’m also a photographer, so I usually have at least one camera with me as well as other gear. I recently went out to shoot at a historical site, and let me give you an idea of exactly how much stuff I carried inside my jacket.

  • Cell phone
  • iPod
  • 50mm lens
  • 35mm lens
  • external flash with wireless trigger
  • 6ft flash cable
  • extra battery pack
  • 10 inch netbook
  • Gorillapod
  • wool gloves
  • beanie hat
  • water bottle
  • first aid kit
  • notebook and pen
  • wallet

Normally to carry this much stuff you’d need backpack, and if you tried to put that much stuff in your pockets with a normal coat you’d bulge oddly in places. That’s not the case with the Evolution Travel. The pockets are there, you’ll know you’re carrying stuff, but you won’t look like a fool doing it (that’s why I refuse to wear a photography vest). If anything, until you work out a system of always putting things in one place, you might have difficulty with all the pockets. Another thing I noticed with the jacket as compared to the cotton hoodie, the jacket feels more refined. It’s not anything you’d notice unless you’ve worn both, but the way the pockets are put together feel more thought out. For example, in the jacket, the cell phone pocket closes with both a zipper on the side and velcro at the top. This is really convenient, since a phone is something that you need to get in and out of your pocket quickly. The way the wires for your headphones work better as well; it’s like the jacket is just slightly higher quality, but it definitely makes a difference.

I really don’t have any complaints with the Evolution Travel jacket. I did try to find something I didn’t like, since for a review we always try to find at least one point to complain about. I was even thought the price was quite reasonable. If you compare the Evolution to other jackets in this market segment (like Columbia for example) $150 isn’t out of line. It’s designed to be part of a system of course, so don’t go skiing and expect to be able to wear just the one jacket and not freeze, it’s not intended to be worn by itself during colder weather. The jacket is also adaptable to warmer weather, as the sleeves zip off to turn the jacket into a vest.

I do recommend the Evolution Travel, it’s a great jacket. It looks good, fits comfortably, and definitely holds all your gadgets and gear. MSRP is $150, but Scott frequently runs deals on his clothing so make sure you friend him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.