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  • TC Cribs: Credit Karma’s Gorgeous Historic Office Meets Startup Style

    This week’s episode of Cribs takes us to free credit and financial management platform Credit Karma. This growing financial startup just put the finishing touches on its new office space in the Phelan – a historic building in downtown San Francisco that also houses Nextdoor and Medium. The Phelan sits just off of Market Street in San Francisco’s bustling financial district. Read More

  • Scoot Unleashes New Four-Wheeler Quad Cars On San Francisco Streets

    Scoot, the San Francisco-based electric scooter ride share network, has teamed up with Nissan to create a four-wheeled two-seater enclosed vehicle onto the streets of San Francisco. Starting today, Scoot members have the option to rent one of these adorable little cars to get them anywhere in the 7×7. Known as the Scoot Quad, this is an all-electric vehicle that you can turn on with the… Read More

  • AdmitSee Raises $1.8 Million In Seed Funding From Silicon Valley Heavyweights

    AdmitSee Raises $1.8 Million In Seed Funding From Silicon Valley Heavyweights

    AdmitSee, a two-year-old, 10-person, San Francisco-based startup, has just finished raising $1.8 million in seed funding to take on pricey college admissions consultants. If things work out as planned, it could be taking on LinkedIn next. AdmitSee was founded in 2013 by former University of Pennsylvania classmates Lydia Fayal and Stephanie Shyu, who’d observed — along with… Read More

  • Chamath Palihapitiya on Insane Burn Rates, IPOs — And Raising A New Real Estate Fund

    Chamath Palihapitiya on Insane Burn Rates, IPOs — And Raising A New Real Estate Fund

    Last night, at a StrictlyVC event in San Francisco, startup investor Chamath Palihapitiya of Social + Capital had some harsh words for what’s become the standard startup set-up in San Francisco: the nice office, the well-stocked kitchen, and (inserting our own personal observation here), the increasingly ubiquitous bookcase door that leads to a secret room. All that window dressing… Read More

  • HandUp, A Startup Combatting Homelessness, Is Setting An Example For The Tech Industry

    HandUp, A Startup Combatting Homelessness, Is Setting An Example For The Tech Industry

    On the heels of launching donation gift cards for the homeless, HandUp hosted a community outreach day this past Friday in San Francisco to continue to bring awareness to homelessness, as well as give people a way to engage with the homeless community. In partnership with Project Homeless Connect, HandUp hosted a homeless outreach day, featuring San Francisco city officials, employees… Read More

  • Who Invests In Hardware Startups? Crunch Network

    Who Invests In Hardware Startups?

    While many angels and VCs are still skittish about hardware startups, there has been a massive renaissance in the hardware-funding ecosystem over the last few years. Since 2010, venture capital investment in hardware startups is up more than 30x. Read More

  • The Shifting Sands Of Sand Hill Crunch Network

    The Shifting Sands Of Sand Hill

    For as long as I’ve paid attention, Sand Hill Road has been synonymous with venture capital. But that is changing. As the epicenter of the technology renaissance age has shifted, or expanded, from Palo Alto and its environs to San Francisco and other pockets of the peninsula, the monopolistic high ground of venture capital real estate that top venture firms call home base has started… Read More

  • Josh Ginsberg | Innovation 2016
    Crunch Network

    INNOVATE2016: Understanding The Zignal To Noise Ratio In The Presidential Race

    Welcome to INNOVATE2016, a weekly interview series focusing on how new technology and innovation is influencing the upcoming Presidential election. According to our first guest the 2016 election is likely to be determined by social media and new digital technologies. Read More

  • Scoot’s New Cargo Line Of Scooters Can Carry Taller People And More Stuff

    Scoot, the Zipcar for scooters, recently updated its line of vehicles to carry bigger people and more cargo. The new Scoot Cargo vehicle can carry up to 390 pounds, including both rider and whatever else you want to load it with. CEO Michael Keating founded the startup in 2011 to cut down on the many transportation problems in San Francisco. Scoots are all-electric and can go for up to 20 miles… Read More

  • Cities As Platforms Crunch Network

    Cities As Platforms

    Take a look at the last decade’s fastest-growing companies. You’ll notice they have one thing in common: They’re all platforms.YouTube was not the first video-hosting site, but it was the first to disrupt the stagnating online broadcasting model, creating a platform with digital engagement at its core. And the catalyst for Google’s exponential growth trajectory was when… Read More

  • Lyft Invites Us Into A Fuzzy Van For Outside Lands

    More than 200,000 music lovers are about to don their spirit hoodies and flower crowns for San Francisco’s popular Outside Lands music festival this weekend. That means lots of traffic, congestion and headaches for neighbors near Golden Gate Park. Ridesharing startup Lyft is helping to combat the problem by picking people up in several music-themed vans. Lyft partnered with Outside… Read More