BlackBerry 10 Security Certified For U.S. Government Use Ahead Of Launch — But Still No BB10 Devices Til Q1 2013

BlackBerry users may not be able to download the latest Angry Birds incarnation, but at least they can look forward to being able to use forthcoming BlackBerry 10 devices in government agencies and re

Move Over BlackBerry: Pentagon Opens Up The Possibility Of Adding iPhone Or Android Devices

The U.S. Government will now be looking into solutions for provisioning iOS and Android devices in addition to those featuring RIM's BlackBerry OS, according to a new report from Reuters. That means R

Working 9 To 5 For BlackBerry 10: RIM Opens Developer Workspace At EMEA HQ To Help Accelerate App Development

RIM is busy beavering away on the next generation of its mobile OS -- BlackBerry 10 -- but the BlackBerry-maker needs developers working in parallel making apps for its new ecosystem. So today it's op

At Long Last, RIM Starts Taking BlackBerry 10 App Submissions

BlackBerry 10 is still a ways away (exactly how long is a topic of hot debate) but RIM has been busy laying the groundwork for it for months now. Aspiring BB10 developers have seen that work firsthand

RIM Zeroes In On Separation Of Work And Play In BlackBerry OS 10: Will That Fly With The BYOD Generation?

On stage at CTIA's MobileCon keynote today, RIM's Jeff Gadway gave on on-stage demo of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system. It emphasized that RIM's goal with BB10 is to provide something for

BlackBerry 10: RIM Demos Key Features Of Next-Gen Mobile OS Ahead Of Q1 2013 Release

BlackBerry-maker RIM demoed another pre-release build of BlackBerry 10 in London today – including showing the camera Timeshift software working in real-time, and detailing a feature which allows BB

BlackBerry 10 Touch, Qwerty Devices Leak In Video; RIM Wants Lady Gaga To Help Sell BB10

RIM is still bathing in the afterglow of yesterday's Q2 2013 fiscal results not being as awful as some had feared. The company remains in the invidious position of having to flog an out-of-date OS (BB

RIM’s Fiscal Q2 2013 Results: Net Loss Of $235 Million On $2.9 Billion In Revenue, 7.4 Million BlackBerrys Shipped

After a roller coaster of a week, RIM has just released its fiscal Q2 2013 financials and -- shocker -- they're not as bad as some thought. The Waterloo-based company reported a net GAAP loss of $235

RIM Employee’s OOO Reply This Week Is Both Epic And Inspiring

RIM is holding its yearly developers conference this week, playing host to over a thousand developers still dedicated to the BlackBerry platform. The company <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/

RIM Employee’s OOO Reply This Week Is Both Epic And Sad

RIM is holding some sort of developer conference this week somewhere in North America. It's unclear what they actually announced or revealed because everyone keeps talking about this <a href="https://

A Sign Of Hope? RIM Stock On The Rise After BlackBerry Jam Keynote Address

RIM is no stranger to rough seas -- the past few days alone have seen a service outage in the EMEA regions, news of a dwindling user base, and a new 52-week low for the company's stock price. Naturall

Watch RIM Evangelists Sing A Love Song To The Devs Still Holding On

Damn: Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations & Ecosystem for RIM, has got some pipes. This little ditty, sung to the tune of <em>Keep On Loving You</em> by REO Speedwagon, is RIM's way of saying th

RIM Fleshes Out BB10 App World With Music, Movies, And TV Shows; Devs Can Access It “Immediately”

BlackBerry 10 is still a ways away, but RIM VP of Business Development Martyn Mallick has revealed that the operating system's App World storefront will sport plenty of new content very shortly. Despi

RIM And Facebook Reveal The Native (And Slightly Buggy) BB10 Facebook App

Disregard the buggy presentation. RIM and Facebook revealed the BlackBerry 10 Facebook application today at BlackBerry Jam. This native app looks and feels very similar to its iOS and Android counterp

BlackBerry Outage Strikes EMEA On iPhone 5 Launch Day: Ouch — That’s Gotta Hurt (Updated)

A network outage has struck BlackBerry users in the EMEA region this morning -- on, irony of ironies, iPhone 5 launch day -- affecting BBM, email and internet but not voice or text.

RIM Licenses Microsoft Tech For Bigger File Sizes On Flash Drives

RIM has <a target="_blank" href="http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/Press/2012/Sep12/09-18RIMPR.aspx">licensed the exFAT file system from Microsoft</a>. This will enable BlackBerry devices to handle

RIM To Shut Down Tungle.Me, Team Will Focus On BlackBerry 10 Calendar App

Last year, BlackBerry maker RIM <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2011/04/27/rim-acquires-social-calendaring-application-tungle-me/">acquired</a> the social calendaring app <a target="_blank" href=

Mayer To Yahoo!: You Can Have Any Cellphone You Want, As Long As It’s Not Blackberry

Excuse the belated chortle here but it bears noting that Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, seems to have pushed the old maxim of a "new broom sweeps clean" all the way into the darkest recesses of Yahoo.

Patent Case Aftermath: Samsung Down By $12B (And Still Slumping) While Apple, Nokia, RIM All Gain

We still have to wait and see how the <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/08/24/apple-wins-patent-ruling-as-jury-finds-samsung-infringes/">jury's ruling against Samsung over Apple patents</a> w

RIM: Layoffs Are Ongoing, Will Not Affect BB10

RIM is about to layoff more employees in an ongoing effort to cut $1 billion by 2013. According to <a target="_blank" href="http://www.bgr.com/2012/08/10/rim-layoffs-august-2012-3000-jobs/">one report
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