Reddit IPO

Reddit downplays risks of developer backlash, decentralized social media in its IPO filing

Reddit’s long-awaited IPO is nearing, promising to be the largest social media IPO since Pinterest. But in the company’s S-1 filing, Reddit fails to fully address the complications that ar

Match Group’s deal with OpenAI is just business with AI glitter on top

The Equity crew is covering deals of the week from PermitFlow, Cake and Match Group, Klarna's board, and which startups could be 2024's winners.

Reddit’s upcoming IPO could reward its power users

On today's episode, we're talking about Reddit's upcoming IPO (again), along with some impressive raises for edtech startup Loora, Bioptimus and Dili.

Reddit at $5B seems eminently reasonable

Reddit's feeling out its own IPO valuation is crucial, especially given that hightened regulatory scrutiny is restricting M&A as an exit avenue for unicorns.

How a browser startup is taking on Google search

Today, we're talking about Arc's new mobile app vs. Google search; why Reddit's IPO might finally happen; why Meta :heart: Apple; and... what Garry said.

Counting down to the Reddit IPO (again)

Let's make one thing clear: Reddit going public in the first quarter is not going to throw the IPO window wide open for other private tech companies.

The 2024 IPO cohort is coming into focus as Shein, Reddit prep to go public

If Shein and Reddit can do better than our miniscule tech IPO class of 2023, they could leave the sort of accelerative impact that tech startups so desperately need right now.

Cava’s sensible IPO ambitions could spur more companies to go public

Cava's multi-billion-dollar IPO valuation could be the kick in the pants that companies need to start going public again.