Amazon puts $10M in Closed Loop Fund to make recycling easier in more American cities

Amazon announced today that it has invested $10 million in Closed Loop Fund, which finances the creation of recycling infrastructure and services in U.S. cities. In a statement, the e-commerce behemo

Apple has a new iPhone recycling robot named ‘Daisy’

Meet Daisy. Apple’s latest recycling robot was revealed, not coincidentally, a few days before Earth Day, in a press announcement summing up the company’s recent environmental accomplishments. The

This tech startup is trying to tackle waste in Africa

Kenya has a waste management problem, especially in the country's capital of Nairobi. As of 2016, Nairobi was producing around 2,400 tons of waste every day but only 38 percent of that trash was colle

Japan will recycle old phones to create medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Ahead of 2020’s Summer Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan will be asking members of the public to donate old phones and appliances, as it works to pull together enough material for the 5,000 bronze, silv

Amazon should think outside the box

Recent news that Amazon is working on a way to deliver items inside your door, without packaging, is huge. It means that e-commerce might overcome its greatest obstacle: Thinking inside the box.

Researchers make it easier to squirt out the last of the shampoo with science

If you’ve ever gnawed your way through a plastic bottle to get out the last delicious drops of soap you’ll be pleased to learn that researchers at The Ohio State University have created a

Apple creates Liam, a robot to rip apart used iPhones

Apple kicked off today's keynote by focusing on their dedication to reusing, reducing and recycling, and revealed that they built Liam, a robot especially designed to rip apart your iPhone so it can b

The Trashbot Will Eat And Sort Your Garbage

Robots need excitement. If their lives don’t provide instead they’ll incite violence. Common sense. Simple common sense. But robots also need trash. That’s why the Trashbot is so coo

An Investment Opportunity In Trash

As incredible as it might seem, processing trash may represent a future unique investment opportunity. Consider the new technologies that will operate on the micro scale, breaking the bonds of molecul

BlueOak Raises $35 Million For Its Factory That Mines Electronics

BlueOak Resources, a startup company backed by some of the biggest names in U.S. venture capital has raised $35 million in project financing to mine precious metals in Arkansas. BlueOak won’t be

The 3D Printing Landfill Of Opportunity

There are lots of reasons to love 3D printing. It democratizes manufacturing, putting consumers in granular control of the things they own -- rather than requiring them to choose from a finite pre-mad

Charity Targets 3D Printing’s Plastic Waste Problem With Standards For An Ethical Alternative

U.K. charity techfortrade reckons there's room to connect up the growing demand for 3D printing, with the surfeit of waste plastic in developing countries. It's developing a standard for ethical filam

Apple Reportedly Planning Trade-In Program For iPhones, Similar To Existing Third-Party Buy-Back Plans

Apple is said to be looking into an iPhone trade-in program on used devices in order to "add sales," according to a tweet from Bloomberg today. Bloomberg says that this would be the "first time" Apple

With 300 Kiosks In 20 States, Device Recycler EcoATM Secures $40M In Debt Financing To Go Nationwide

You know those mobile devices that everyone keeps raving about? Turns out it's a huge business. Shocker, I know. <a target="_blank" href="

With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Phones Collected, Device Recycler ecoATM Adds Tablets

<a target="_blank" href="">According to Strategy Analytic</a>s, about 1.6 billion mobile phones were shipped in 2012, with 700 mil

Another Sign Of A New iPhone? Apple Will Pay You To Recycle Your 4S

<a target="_blank" href="">Apple</a> is, as usual, remaining tight-lipped about whether it will be releasing any new devices this autumn -- and even if there will be an event sched

Evive Launches With $2M From Angels To Help Cure Our Addiction To Bottled Water

Let's be honest: Whether or not you've recently hugged a tree, buying branded tap water in a plastic bottle for $1.50+ a pop seems ... well ... completely #$%^&-ing ridiculous -- unless of course

Multiplayer Facebook Game Trash Tycoon Trains You To Be Green (But In A Fun Way)

<img src="" /><a href="">Guerillapps</a>, a social game maker, debuted a cool

Turning One Company's Trash Into Another's Treasure, RecycleMatch Brings Site Out Of Beta, Hires New CEO

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Today, <a href="">RecycleMatch</a> — a Houston-based sta

Car Battery Makers, Johnson Controls, Building A $150 Million Recycling Plant In South Carolina

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Automotive parts and batteries manufacturer, Johnson Controls Inc., broke ground on a new, battery <a href=
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