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  • BMW teams up with Solid Power to develop solid-state batteries for cars

    BMW teams up with Solid Power to develop solid-state batteries for cars

    Automaker BMW is chasing that solid-state battery tech carrot, same as most everyone else in the industry. Today, it’s announcing a new partnership with battery technology company Solid Power to develop and commercialize the latter’s solid-sate battery technology for use in electric vehicles. Solid State already produces batteries made up of inorganic materials developed by the… Read More

  • Kado wants to make the world’s thinnest charger

    Kado wants to make the world’s thinnest charger

    What can you wrap up in ribbons? Stick in your sock? And what can you take out in public and not get thrown in the dock? The Kado phone charger, of course. This new product by Itay Hasid and Daniel Assis is making the rounds at MWC and is essentially the “world’s thinnest wall charger for smartphones.” Obviously a wall charger isn’t that exciting but the pair raised… Read More

  • Used BMW i batteries store solar power at home

    Used BMW i batteries store solar power at home

    BMW i joins Tesla and Mercedes-Benz in bringing energy storage home with its new system, which has yet to be given a catchy name. The system uses new or used batteries from the BMW i3 electric car to store power from solar panels for later use. It integrates with the charging station users are likely to have in the garage, so the stored energy from the sun can power your i3… Read More

  • Roost Raises $5.5M To Retrofit Dumb Gadgets Into Smart Gadgets

    Roost Raises $5.5M To Retrofit Dumb Gadgets Into Smart Gadgets

    In 2014 the Roost Smart Battery accumulated nearly $100,000 in Kickstarter pledges. But that was just the start for Roost. Today the company is announcing a $5.5 million Series A lead by RPM Ventures as the company expands its operations and gears up for launch. The Roost Smart Battery turns ordinary smoke detectors into a smart smoke detector. Roost CEO Roel Peeters tells TechCrunch that a lot… Read More

  • Sanyo Announces Rechargeable Waist Warmer And Neck Warmer

    Sanyo Japan has rolled out a number of eneloop-branded warmers in the past, for example for the hand or the whole body (in blanket form). And today the company unveiled rechargeable waist and neck warmers [press release in English]. Read More

  • Energizer solar recharger to debut at CES

    Details of a portable solar-powered AA and AAA battery charger by Energizer were leaked last week and we’ll see the charger debut next month at CES. Read More

  • Review: Energizer 15-minute charger

    There are only a handful of gadgets in my possession that can’t be charged over USB: TV/Cable/Blu-ray player remotes and my DSLR. My Xbox 360 controller was a battery hog once upon a time, but the Nyko Charge Base took care of that. The remotes aren’t as taxing on batteries as my SLR — that puppy is constantly draining my supply of batteries. I could always cut back on the… Read More

  • USBCell Rechargeable Batteries Hands-On

    USBCell was kind enough to send over some rechargeable AA batteries for CrunchGear to test out and they couldn’t have arrived any sooner. My unhealthy addiction to Xbox 360 (and its wireless controllers) has been draining the ol’ wallet for a couple weeks now. UPDATE:USBCell was commended last week as a finalist for the Design Week Award for best consumer product of 2006. The… Read More

  • USBCell For All Your Gadgets

    The makers of the ever popular USBCell batteries have taken the next step by infiltrating the mobile device market. I’m a big fan of having extra batteries on hand because, like most geeks, my mobile phone (a Sidekick3), helps keep me connected when I’m on the go. I can deal with my SK3 crapping out because I usually have my Blackberry, but don’t even get me started on… Read More