Psychedelics startups

Synthesis Institute collapse is a major setback for US psychedelic therapy

The ramifications of Synthesis Center's collapse could have a destabilizing impact on the nascent commercial psychedelics community as a whole. 

Clerkenwell Health raises £2.1M to test the new wave of psychedelics treatments

Clerkenwell Health, a psychedelic-specialist clinical research organisation, has raised £2.1 million in seed funding, bringing the total to date up to £2.5 million, which will be used to get the Lon

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From early IPOs to startup crowdfunding, are non-professional investors assuming more risk than they should?

Why more funding equates more peace of mind for TRIPP and its users

LA-born startup TRIPP doesn’t want the metaverse to be a mere “shopping mall for virtual consumers,” its founder Nanea Reeves told TechCrunch. Instead, Reeves’ company is envis

Cannabis, sex tech and psychedelics startups deserve more than stigma

Cannabis, sextech and psychedelics are often lumped together under the "vice" category — a characterization that prevents many VCs from investing in these spaces. But does that make sense?

Psychedelics startups are on a long journey to consumer markets, but these 5 VCs are taking the ride

Previously relegated to underground communities and raves, ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin are now being studied to develop therapies to treat everything from PTSD to cluster headaches.