• Pandora's Battery Hack Resurrects Your Bricked PSP

    For anybody who’s ever bricked their cell phone, PDA, or portable gaming device, chances are pretty good that you’ve cursed the space-time continuum and the unfortunate reality that current scientific parameters don’t permit you to travel back in time to the exact moment before you applied whatever hack bricked your gadget. Well if… Read More

  • European Sony PSPs Set To Go!

    SCEE and British Sky Broadcasting have joined together to bring UK and Irish PSP owners a content download service called Go! in early 2008. Sky will provide content such as movies, sports, music and cartoons for download via Wi-Fi or transferred from owners PCs to their PSP. Third party content will also be available on a pay-per-view basis. No pricing has been released, which is expected… Read More

  • Anorexic PSPs On Amazon

    If you’ve been anxiously waiting for the slimmed down PSPs to hit stores then hold on just a little while longer. All three versions (piano black, ice silver and ceramic white) have appeared on Amazon with launch dates. The piano black version won’t be pre-packaged with anything fun, but it ships September 10 for $169.99. The ice silver unit is apart of the Daxter Entertainment… Read More

  • Sony Contemplates Bringing Home To PSP

    Home, Sony’s unofficial Second Life implementation heading to the PS3 this fall, will also, maybe, makes its way to the PSP, in one capacity or another. Maybe. That’s what a marketing head told MTV, that bastion of investigative journalism. The marketing man told MTV, Intuitively, if you take the PSP with you, you would want to take some of Home with you…” So from… Read More

  • Hands On With The Slim PSP, Star Wars Fans Pay Attention

    It’s been a couple weeks since the slimmed down PSP made its debut, but CrunchGear now has a few hands on pictures, some details about future firmware upgrades and when we might see VoIP. Oh and there’s a special edition white PSP for the Star Wars fans. The new PSP weighs about 100 grams less than its predecessor, now weighs 189g, and the D-pad and analog stick are much improved. Read More

  • Sony, Sky To Bring On-Demand Video To PSP

    UK PSP owners can look forward to on-demand video coming their way thanks to Sky. Details, the bread and butter of any story, are sort of, well, non-existent at the moment, but we do know that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sky have joined forces, creating a company whose whole purpose, whose joie de vivre comes from giving you, o mighty consumer, top notch video. On-demand, no… Read More

  • Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamer Simplifies Online, Wireless Gaming

    Back in the day, I used to write about a lot of Buffalo gadgets that tended to be Japan-only. The Wi-Fi Gamer, however, will appear on our shores sometime in August. It’s a gaming-centric router-like device that tries to address a problem gamers no doubt have encountered: connecting to a Wi-Fi access point with a game console can be a royal pain in the behind. (I hope that last… Read More

  • PSP Force Feedback Mod: Just a Proof of Concept, Calm Down

    I guess you can consider this a mod. Someone took apart a PSP and installed a tiny motor, giving the portable system ghetto force feedback. It doesn’t look like the mod will be mass produced or anything and it’s more of a “look what I can do!” than anything else. Be that as it may, it’s good to see people “hacking” their hardware. If I had any… Read More

  • Stop What You're Doing and Soak In This Amazing God of War PSP Mod

    Someone call King Solomon. I’m now torn between this God of War PSP mod and that old Zelda DS mod from a few months back: Which one is better? Both are made by the same guy, but I’m leaning toward the GoW one. I’ve included a few pics in this post, but the actual auction page is filled with several more. Read More

  • PSP Firmware Hits 3.52, Better PSone Support

    Mere moments after releasing firmware version 1.90 for the PS3, Sony has given us PSP firmware version 3.52. And what, pray tell, does this update include? The number of PlayStation Network titles that can be played under [game] has increased Yeah, wow. If you’re cool like me then you’re already running custom firmware and have been able to play all (?) PSone games on the… Read More

  • Your PS3 Just Got A Lot More Fun Today

    Sony today released the best Playstation (One) game available to mankind on the PSN store. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night can be had for the extremely low price of just $9.99. If you’ve never played this game, your credibility as a video gamer just got shot down. You play as Alucard, Dracula’s son, hellbent on destroying your father’s castle, etc. The game is massive… Read More

  • Before and After, PSP Edition: Slim vs. Fatso

    Can you handle even more pics of the new and improved Sony PSP? Can you handle comparison shots between the PSP Fat and the PSP Slim? I actually just went into cardiac arrest checking out the side by side pictures of the two systems. The two more or less look the same, but the Slim is shinier than the Fat as well as “more roundie” as GamePro put it. Like Hickey pointed out… Read More

  • The Futurist: Nintendo's Hit Molded Plastic, Sony Bizarrely Still Believes In UMD

    The new E3 Lite is rocking LA. And with it, the Big 3 gaming houses have given us key glimpses into what the next year holds for them. Last year, Nintendo and their warehouse-long Wii lines stole the show. This year, expectations and standards were low enough that all it took was a couple of pieces of molded plastic to get fanboys in a tizzy. Meanwhile, Sony’s major announcement &mdash… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Sony is Ready to Play

    Traditionally known for the longest press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo Sony Computer Entertainment hasn’t been one to “leave them wanting more.” And despite the scaled back E3 this year the company still managed to have an event that clocked in a tad bit on the long side, but with plenty of great news it was worth every minuteā€¦ almost! Here is a look at… Read More

  • Sony Fully Supports the UMD. No Really, it Does

    Despite the fact that, scientifically, nobody gives a damn about UMD, Sony isn’t about to pull the plug on it. Not no way, not no how. A senior marketing manager called the format’s future “bright,” a vote of confidence if I ever heard one. Describing it as “unique,” the word wizard then chided developers for not knowing how to properly use the format: UMD is… Read More

  • Sony PSP Gets Wi-Fi Geolocation Software

    New software for the Sony PSP will allow users to use a GPS accessory for outdoor geolocation and then switch to indoor geolocation provided by a Wi-Fi signal when in a building. The new navigation software from Zenrin Map 2 and the Edia Maplus will still use the GPS accessory for the PSP, but add location data provided through Wi-Fi. For instance if the PSP is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot… Read More

  • The Futurist: When Gadgets Become Emulators

    On Friday, as the entire literate world knows, Apple will release the iPhone to much hoopla. And when the mix of the unemployed and the wealthy who could wait in line on a workday to finally get their hands on their $600 box of hype, they’ll find that, for the first time, “iPod” no longer merely refers to their pocket-sized MP3 player, but also to a software program… Read More

  • PSP Has Untapped Power, That's Why It Stinks: WipEout Dev

    It’s no secret that Sony’s PSP isn’t quite the hit the company had wanted it to be. Now, you can blame the unqualified success of Nintendo DS as why the PSP hasn’t taken off, or, like the director for WipEout Pulse, you can blame lazy developers. Pulse recently called upon PSP developers to do more with the system—it can play MP3s right out of the box, so why… Read More

  • PSP Firmware Update Unleashes Full CPU Potential

    Many of us were under the impression that the PSP’s firmware upgrade to 3.5 only allowed remote access to PS3s, but there was some speculation going around that it had also unleashed the CPU’s full potential. Rumors are fun and all, but hard facts make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Sony has now officially confirmed that the firmware upgrade, has indeed, unleashed the full potential… Read More

  • Manhunt 2 'Temporarily Suspended' in Response to Ban, AO Rating

    Take Two has “temporarily suspended” Manhunt 2 in response to the game’s ban in the UK and AO rating here in the U.S. The game was supposed to come out on July 10, but its publisher had to shelve it in order to “review its options.” While I’m personally opposed to games that feature such wanton violence—oh, excuse me, art—I definitely feel for… Read More