Sony Logs Profit In Q2 2010, But Sees PSP Sales Dropping 50% Year-On-Year

<img src="" /> Sony has <a href="">presented</a> [PDF] its newest financi

PSP2 Is Real, According To Mortal Kombat Developer – Finish Him!

<img src="" />While Sony has been rather coy about the existence of a PSP2 (trying not to kill the PSP Go any futher I guess), Mortal Komb

Sony Outs "Classic White" PS3, PSP "Monster Hunter" Edition And Pink PS3 Controller

<img src="" /> The firmware update for making the PS3 <a href="

The PXP 3000 Isn't Much Of PSP Clone And That's A Good Thing

<img src="">PXP is a PSP cloner but their latest product sways a bit from the original. The PXP 3000 looks more like a mov

New Playstation firmware update coming soon

<img src="" />In a recent updated to the Playstation blog, Sony released some news about the latest firmware update comi

BAM! POW! DC releases comics app for iPad, PSP

Not content to let Marvel have all the fun, DC Comics just released their iPad and Sony PSP apps. The apps allow for in-app comic purchase and download. Comics will cost $1 to $3 per issue.

Contest: 10 free copies of Armored Core: Last Raven for PSP

ARRRRREEEE YOOOOOU REAAADDY TOOOO play a copy of Armored Core: Last Raven on the PSP? Well I have 10 free download codes. I’m going to pick five winners at random and pick another five Twitter f

Sony sales numbers reveal surging PS3, waning PSP

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Sony</a> just released the numbers from the last fiscal year (April 1, 2009

Sony offers extended warranties for PS3, PSP

<img src="" />Looks like <a HREF="">Sony</a> now offers extended warranties for the <a HREF="

40/40: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gets perfect Famitsu rating

<img src="" /> I was able to play <a href="">Metal Gear Solid: Peace Wal

Sony: "The PS3 is all the 3D gaming you need and you better like it." (or something like)

<img src="">Yesterday's <a href="">Nintendo 3DS</a> took everyone by surprise. Who expected

17,618: That's how many PSP Go Sony sold in Japan in 2010

<img src="" /> Last month, we <a href="

"Jill Stuart Sweet Package": Japan gets very cute, very pink PSP

<img src="" /> Sony seems to believe in the power of pink PSPs. Not even four weeks <a href="

God of War III PS3 bundle doesn't dazzle, but Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker does, indeed, dazzle

<img src="" />Those wacky Europeans will be getting a <i>God of War III</i> PS3 bundle. It doesn't look any different than a standard-

Sony Japan to roll out a limited edition PSP and a new PS3 bundle

<img src="" /> Gamers who've always wanted to own a PSP in pink, here's your chance: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today <

Want a free PSP? Join the Royal Navy!

<img src="" />What a coup for Sony's marketing men. The Royal Navy will be handing out PSPs to its sailors so that they can brush up o

PSP 3000 Police light mod

<img src="" />Just the thing for playing GTA: One clever modder has mounted 10 LEDs into his PSP 3000. Want to know what it looks l

Video: Some kid makes the PSP that Sony should have made 5 years ago

<img src="" />Sony would do well to hire the man who put this PSP mod together. It's basically what the PSP should have been since Day O

Make music: The PSP version of Beaterator is available today. iPhone users have to wait a little while yet.

<img src="" />Rockstar's <i>Beaterator</i> comes out today (and so does <i>Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days</i>... you couldn't find two mor

Tokyo Game Show: Undead Knights for PSP (video)

<img src="" /> I took the chance at Koei Tecmo's booth at the Tokyo Game Show and played Undead Knights on the PSP for a while.
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