Playstation Suite: Sony Brings Playstation Games To Android Phones

At their PSP2 launch event today, Sony did not only unveil the new device but also introduced “Playstation Suite”, a new cross-device game platform the company will use to bring Playstation 1 titles to Android phones and tablets (version 2.3 and up). In other words, Sony games will not exclusively be distributed to owners of the Playstation Phone that’s supposed to be officially announced next month.

Sony said that Playstation Suite will be launched by year-end (just like the PSP2, by the way). Android users will be able to buy a host of different titles “in an integrated fashion through the PS store”. All games will have come with a “PlayStation Certified” mark so users can be sure they are licensed and tested before being pushed out to the store.

According to Sony, users of the new PSP, codenamed “Next Generation Portable”, will also be able to access Playstation Suite.

At the event, some titles previously available for the PS1 were shown, too, for example Wild Arms (an RPG), Cool Boarders 2 (a snowboarding game), or Syphon Filter (action).

We’ll keep you updated.

Sony Japan just released a press release in English on the Playstation Suite.