Report: Sony's PSP2 To Be Unveiled Next Week, PSP Phone To Follow Next Month

Sony’s PSP may not have been as successful as the Nintendo DS, but it did pretty well overall (if you don’t count the ill-fated PSPgo): in September last year, sales reached 62 million units worldwide. But the PSP is six years old now, and it’s about time for an update. And if a report by Bloomberg today is to believed, Sony will unveil that update, perhaps called the PSP2, on January 27.

While nothing substantial is known about the next-generation PSP, we’ve spent quite a few posts on the PSP Phone that Sony is currently preparing. According to the report, Sony will officially unveil the handset next month, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 14-17).

Bloomberg is citing two anonymous sources with knowledge of Sony’s plans so take the report with a grain of salt. But the timing would make sense, as it would mean that Sony tries to steal some of Nintendo’s thunder before the 3DS hits stores in Japan in the last week of February (followed by other markets in March).