Leaked Pictures May Show PSP2

We’ve heard about the PSP2 for going on two years now, but this is the first we’ve ever seen of it. And it may not even be it. See, the leaked pics found by VG247 are from a development kit with a form factor that may or may not be final. Reportedly, a second dev kit has been put out that has a fused body, like the original PSP. Still, it’s a peek behind the curtain, and we can’t pass that up.

Here’s my question: why not have both form factors? People seem to like both for different reasons, and as long as they’re equivalent on hardware levels (same HD resolution, same RAM), people will like the idea of having a choice. The draw is going to be the power of the device and its unique controls, not simply the form factor.

That’s my suggestion, Sony. And I think I know a thing or two about this stuff! Unlike you!