• Remember Palm? They're not dead, just sleeping

    Would you call the Palm brand name “dead,” or merely “sleeping?” There’s a drive-by profile of Palm in today’s New York Times, one that looks at how former Apple hardware design guru Jon Rubenstein has tried to resurrect the Palm we used to know. That is, one not “dead” or “sleeping,” but one beating everyone up and stealing lunch… Read More

  • Part two of Edge's 'why you will buy GTA IV the day it comes out'

    [photopress:gta4edge2.jpg,full,center] After reading part two of Edge’s interview with Rockstar’s president and GTA IV writer Sam Houser, published today, I went to the game’s Web site for the first time. I’m absolutely blown away by the attention to detail. Like, Radio Vladivostok is exactly how I’d imagine an ex-pat, Russian radio station. Dukes—Queens… Read More

  • Clear your schedule: Edge takes a long, fantastic look at GTA

    I plan on dressing like this quite soon Do you time to read a 6,000+ word article on the making of Grand Theft Auto? Most people I know, writers included, would say “no,” then punch me in the stomach for asking the question. Y’all need to make an exception for this. Edge, which, once again, is the only gaming mag I actually respect… Read More