Threads adds easy profile switching to its mobile apps

Twitter rival Threads has finally added a way to switch between multiple accounts without logging out. The Meta-owned social networking app announced Thursday that users can now swap accounts on its m

Slack now supports pronunciation guides in profiles

Not everyone is on board with the idea of remote work. But for those who are, Slack’s new profile features released today should make some workday tasks, particularly onboarding, a bit easier. S

Twitter to revamp user profiles with About tab, support for pronouns, ‘confirmed’ status and more

Alongside news that Twitter is relaunching its account verification system to the public, the company previewed a slate of changes that will soon come to Twitter profiles. In addition to your name, ph

Facebook to verify the identities of some user profiles behind viral posts

Lost in the news of the George Floyd protests against police brutality and racism in the U.S., Facebook last week quietly noted it will now require Facebook profile pages with large followings in the

Facebook Unveils Verified Pages And Profiles, Takes A Page From Twitter’s Playbook

Facebook has just announced a new verified feature for pages and profiles, designed to give high-profile accounts an added level of authenticity. This is clearly a straightforward copy of Twitter's ow

Personal Profile Page Startup Is Ready To Take Your Money With New Premium Service, Plans For Wefollow Integration, the online identity platform that spun out from Aol* at the beginning of the year before acquiring the one-time Digg spinout Wefollow, is now lifting the curtains on its plans to generate re

Facebook Rolls Out Replies And Threaded Comments On Page Posts And Popular Profiles

<a target="_blank" href="">Facebook</a> today is rolling out two more features for Pages used by brands and businesses and public Profiles for individuals with more than 10,000

To Improve Conversations, Facebook Will Launch A Reply Feature And Most Active Threads On Pages And Popular Profiles

<a target="_blank" href="">Facebook</a> is preparing to roll out a new feature on Pages and popular Profiles that will help increase interactions with fans and readers: Replies.

Twitter: Everyone Will Have Enhanced Profiles On December 12th, For Beautification Reasons

In case you haven’t seen the updated Twitter profiles, they allow you to add a “cover photo”, ala Facebook and other services. The idea there is that they’d like you to expand

LinkedIn’s Core Mission: Making Its Profiles The Next-Generation Résumé

I spent a few hours on the LinkedIn campus a few weeks ago, with the sole mission of learning more about <a href="

LinkedIn: 175K New Profiles Created A Day, 3B People Searches As Of September 2012

We learned that over 175K new LinkedIn profiles are created a day, and that 3B people searches have been made as of September 2012. That's just insane. Heads Into Tumblr Territory With “Follow” Buttons & Plans To Support Content Creation

<a href=""></a>, the dead-simple service for building your own personal profile page, is launching a major redesign on Tuesday, with features that position it to take o

The New Yorker profiles Gears of War's Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games

If any of you have the time to read a 6,000 word article, then you may want to head over to the New Yorker, which just published a bafflingly long profile of Cliff Blenszinski—the former CliffyB

Remember Palm? They're not dead, just sleeping

Would you call the Palm brand name “dead,” or merely “sleeping?” There’s a drive-by profile of Palm in today’s New York Times, one that looks at how former Apple hardware design gu

Part two of Edge's 'why you will buy GTA IV the day it comes out'

[photopress:gta4edge2.jpg,full,center] After reading part two of Edge’s interview with Rockstar’s president and GTA IV writer Sam Houser, published today, I went to the game’s Web si

Clear your schedule: Edge takes a long, fantastic look at GTA

[photopress:gtaedge1.jpg,full,center] I plan on dressing like this quite soon Do you time to read a 6,000+ word article on the making of Grand Theft Auto? Most people I know, writers included, would s