LinkedIn: 175K New Profiles Created A Day, 3B People Searches As Of September 2012

Senior VP of Products and User Experience of LinkedIn, Deep Nishar, discussed the company approach to design and iteration, which is extremely interesting. He says that since January 2009, its membership has climbed from 32M to 175M+ members. That’s quite a lift for a niche network, especially one that isn’t all fun and games like Facebook.

Over time, the company made things like the “share” button more accessible, and it saw instant increases in engagement. Nishar says that users “Love it.” The company pays very close attention to its users, as there’s a good chunk of them who pay for features on the service. When a user pays, the game changes.

We learned that over 175K new profiles are created a day, and that 3B people searches have been made as of September 2012. That’s just insane.

The huge update of the day was an overhaul of the Profile.