Twitter: Everyone Will Have Enhanced Profiles On December 12th, For Beautification Reasons

In case you haven’t seen the updated Twitter profiles, they allow you to add a “cover photo”, ala Facebook and other services. The idea there is that they’d like you to expand your identification on the service, to feel like it’s a place you want to show off to friends, family and colleagues.

These profiles are available on the desktop, as well as official Twitter apps.

It was a good move, although it didn’t roll out to everyone right away. Today, the company announced that enhanced profiles will be available to all Twitter users on December 12th:

A few months ago, we introduced new Twitter profiles so that you could make your profile beautiful and display your style on your profile page. By uploading a header photo on or our mobile apps on iPhone, iPad or Android, you can make your profile more uniquely yours. We’ve seen a lot of cool takes on these new profiles –– including shots from Mars, silly themes, and brands and celebrities expressing themselves in clever ways.

On December 12, we’re rolling this out to all users: you’ll automatically get this new version of the profile on If you don’t upload a header photo by then, you (and everyone else) will only see a default grey image on your page. That’s not fun! To get inspired about what you can do, check out this video to see how to make your profile a little more “you”, less generic. Have fun out there.

Here’s the video that Twitter shared with the announcement, which was clearly created for 11-year-olds:

Get ready to get prettier on Twitter!