Portal’s Mac app helps users focus with immersive backgrounds and audio

Productivity-enhancing app Portal has launched a Mac app. The company helps users regain focus and become more productive with immersive backgrounds and natural sounds. The service has been available

Async replaces work calls with asynchronous voice messages

Chances are you don’t like wasting time in useless meetings. People often say “this meeting should have been an email.” But what about one-to-one calls? Could they be a series of voice m

Google goes all-in on bringing AI to Workspace

Google and Microsoft are locked in a head-to-head competition to bring as much generative AI to their productivity services as possible. Only days ahead of Microsoft’s “Future of Work&#822 opens its APAC headquarters in Sydney

Enterprise project management and team collaboration platform is digging deeper into the Asia-Pacific with the opening of its new regional headquarters in Sydney. Founded in Israel, monday.

Plugable’s new dock turns your tablet or phone into a workstation

Laptops and tablets are getting better and more powerful by the day but our fingers aren’t getting any more precise, and for extended writing and work, it’s still more helpful to have a ke

Read, which lets you measure how well a meeting is going, is now a Zoom Essential App

Read, the app that lets meeting organizers read the virtual room and see how engaged (or not) participants are, is now one of Zoom’s Essential Apps. This means Zoom customers, Zoom One Pro Business

Balance is a Mac timekeeper app that requires you to manually clock in your hours

There are plenty of time-tracking apps for Mac that automatically log the hours you’ve spent signed in. Some even offer granular data, telling you how much time you spent on a particular app. A

Amie grabbed $7 million for its opinionated calendar and todo app

Amie raised a $7 million seed round led by Spark Capital. The round closed in June 2022 and the startup is disclosing it today. The company is building a productivity app anchored around your calendar

Needl wants to become the search engine for your accounts

Google, DuckDuckGo and other search engines help you find information from the web. But it’s hard to find documents, messages, meetings and emails from your own accounts. You need to go to diffe

Productivity platform Loopin helps work teams wrangle meetings

Meetings are essential to helping teams, especially remote or hybrid ones, stay in touch. But too many meetings can become unproductive, as shared information and action items get buried underneath al

timeOS is a Chrome extension that puts your meeting details in one place

Meeting reminders can be tough to navigate. Even if you get a notification 10 or 30 minutes before the meeting you might forget to join or struggle to find the meeting link moments before joining. Mag

Unpluq locks your phone distractions so you can get shiz done

You have your work in front of you, a cup of coffee on your desk, some gentle tunes without words playing on the stereo and you’re ready to do some work. Your phone buzzes, and 90 minutes later

Insightly helps engineering teams increase productivity and reduce burnout

Insightly Analytics helps engineering teams stop problems before they happen, like slow release cycles, bottlenecks and uneven workload distribution that can lead to employee burnout. The San Francisc

Aerotime aims to continuously optimize workers’ calendars

Setting aside time for focused, undistracted work is a challenge not only for workers, which face a growing barrage of notifications, but teams and companies broadly speaking. One source pegs the cost

Zeitworks wants to help businesses measure and improve their productivity

Seattle-based Zeitworks, which is launching its private beta today after raising a $4.5 million seed round in 2020, wants to give enterprises data-driven tools for improving the productivity of their

Folk is launching its flexible CRM product

Folk, the next-generation CRM started by European startup studio eFounders, is going live today. If you’ve paid attention to TechCrunch, I’ve already covered Folk in the past. Since then, the prod

Amie is a new calendar app with a social twist

Meet Amie, a startup working on a brand new productivity app for both individuals and teams. The company is unveiling its app this week and users can sign up to the waitlist. Amie is a well-designed c

Fantastical lets you share a link to schedule meetings — no Calendly required

Flexibits, the company behind popular calendar app Fantastical, has added several new features that should help with scheduling. While Calendly seems to be the dominating player in this space, Flexibi

When I Work, a messaging app that lets shift-based teams schedule work and more, raises $200M

Hourly workers make up abut 55% of the working world, yet when it comes to tech built for the world of work, their so-called knowledge worker counterparts dominate the space. Today, an app built speci

ClickUp raises $400M at a $4B valuation to expand its all-in-one workplace productivity platform to Europe

Companies like Slack and Asana stormed into the world of tech to steal a march on incumbents like Microsoft in providing a new wave of point solutions to make it easier for workers respectively to cha
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