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Apple releases iOS 11 High Sierra, the iMac gets a hefty update and a pro model, new hardware -- the HomePod speaker, Apple updates the iPad Pro, we get some new laptop specs and TechCrunch editor-in-

Pro.Com Launches Text-A-Pro For Flat-Rate Pricing On Handy Tasks, the handywork/installation site that instantly offers price estimates and connects you with a contractor, has today launched a brand new feature to the service. Called Text-A-Pro, the feature

Microsoft Surface: From Idea To Pro

When it comes to designing new hardware, most companies are pretty quiet about the design process. Microsoft, with its <a target="_blank" href="

Euphonix to join the Avid collective as well

Apparantly not satisfied with only encompassing Digidesign, Avid announced yesterday their planned acquisition of Euphonix. Makers of the System 5 series of audio consoles, converters, and a little mo

Hardware remote focus knob for DSLRs – that attaches to your iPhone

<img src="" />There's a lot going on here, but what you're basically looking at is a focus ring, attached to an iPhone

Panasonic announces Micro Four-Thirds pro camcorder

<img src="" />This isn't really something many gadget lovers will want (at an estimated $6000 it's well out of our price range), but

Digidesign transformation into Avid complete

Avid Video has quite an ambitious plan in the works. They currently own multiple, industry-leading companies covering all things audio and video. Digidesign, maker of the Pro Tools audio editing platf

Moog releases Auto De-tune. We get our sanity back

Thank the audio gods. Today marks the greatest day in musical history. Well okay, not the greatest, but maybe right behind the release of the Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill. This glorious day is

Hercules Mk4 DJ controller announced at Musikmesse

After a sneak peak at this years NAMM show, Hercules officially announced the release date and price of their new Mk4 controller at the Musikmesse fair in Germany. This slim sized controller is design

BR-800 digital recorder from BOSS

Field recording sessions are fun, but there’s a pretty large gap between the low and high ends of the gear. You either get a handheld stereo recorder, or have to haul a mess of interfaces and pr

Soundwave makes a comeback, as a theatre on wheels

<img src="">If you can't go and listen to a high fidelity sound system, why don't you have it come to you? The <a href="

Pioneer DJM-2000. Turntables are out, touchscreen is in

[youtube=] DJ gear is unique in audio in that more than any other equipment, it has to be flashy and able to take a pounding. Usually in

Goldmund home theater system will blow your socks off

I have a list of things that I plan to do once I become absolutely ridiculously rich. Being a blogger armed with a liberal-arts degree puts me on the perfect path, I know. The item right after buildin

New MacBook Pros launching soon?

An unidentified rumor monger informed NowhereElse of a new MBP model, 6.1. The Pro was apparently tested using GeekBench and is running Core i7 M 620 at 2.66GHz. Rumor has it that these new MacBooks c

Apple fixes up Logic Studio to make me sound less like a tone-deaf yodeler

<img src="">I've never really used Apple's high-end audio or video software - I've tried Logic Express and found it to be a lit

Docomo's cell phone line-up for this summer (part 2: PRIME and PRO series)

<img src="" /> NTT Docomo not only announced eight new cell phones in their <a href="

Docomo rolls out 17 (partly awesome) cell phones in Japan (part 1: STYLE and SMART series)

<img src="" /> <a href="

Treo PRO now available from Sprint for $249

<img src=""><a href="">Palm</a> and <a href="">Sprint</a> might

Review: Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro

Quick Version: The QuickCam Vision Pro from Logitech is perhaps the easiest-to-use webcam I have seen in a while. There is no software required to run it, so you simply plug it in via the 6-ft USB cab

NTT Docomo floods Japan with 22 new cell phones

Japan’s biggest telco NTT DoCoMo today announced 4 new cell phone series (STYLE, PRIME, SMART and PRO ), which are part of the company’s fall/winter product line-up. Docomo will offer a to
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