Pro.Com Launches Text-A-Pro For Flat-Rate Pricing On Handy Tasks, the handywork/installation site that instantly offers price estimates and connects you with a contractor, has today launched a brand new feature to the service. Called Text-A-Pro, the feature allows users to simply text message their task into the system and be sent a flat-rate price and a connection to a contractor who is available during the preferred time.

Pro has always provided users with price estimates within seconds, via the website, but this is the first time that the service is providing locked-in, flat-rate pricing on the spot.

Of course, not all tasks can be ordered via text message, or attached a flat-rate price. However, standardized tasks like painting a room, installing a flat-panel TV, or installing a new thermostat are all easy tasks to automatically price out and have assigned to a contractor.

Alongside the launch of the Text-A-Pro SMS feature, Pro is also launching an integration with Facebook Messenger, letting users send a message to to book a task, also with flat-rate pricing.

“One of the biggest issues in this industry is a lack of transparency,” said founder and CEO Matt Williams, who previously held the CEO position at Digg, executive positions at Amazon, and was EIR at Andreesen Horowitz. “We’re bringing transparency back to the consumer with Text-A-Pro and our greatest challenge moving forward is to continue to simplify finding a good contractor.”

In beta, Text-A-Pro has already seen more than 150,000 text conversations go down between customers,, and contractors. Pro has raised more than $17 million in funding since launch.

If you want to try out the feature for yourself, just text 776-776 with any handy-man task you need performed, or check out