Goldmund home theater system will blow your socks off

I have a list of things that I plan to do once I become absolutely ridiculously rich. Being a blogger armed with a liberal-arts degree puts me on the perfect path, I know. The item right after building a house with secret passageways everywhere is calling up the guys from Goldmund and having them come by and install their top-of-the-line sound system. They invited me up to their brand new showroom here in New York and I’ll say, I was damn impressed.

Now be forewarned, these are the kinds of systems that super secret, famous people put in their houses. Generational voice kind of people. So the mid-range hovers around $1,000,000.

Each system is custom configured to your space and budget, but the general highlights include:

  • Minimal amount of crossover (dedicated amplifiers)
  • True center channel
  • Left and right columns
  • Gold-plated circuitry

The subwoofers range from 5Hz – 15Hz. You won’t be able to hear them, but you will definitely be able to feel them.

A stand-alone processor controls the surround mix. As you can see below, the configuration isn’t in a traditional 5.1 or 7.1 array, but never fear! The system automatically translates the surround signal to work with any setup. The surround image is incredibly well-defined. When you hear bullets flying from every which way, and feel explosions better than you see them, you feel absolutely immersed in your theater experience.