• Portland Bookstore Will Trade Your Soulless Kindle For Real Books

    Hey, man, what’s your problem? You drink kombucha and ride a fixie, but what the heck are you doing with that capitalist corporate DRM-laden Kindle? Head down to Microcosm Publishing in Portland, man, and they’ll give you like a hundred books for your Kindle. I mean dude Noam Chomsky is like $6 at the store, so for your Kindle you can get like 37 Noam Chomskys. Same goes for fix… Read More

  • Nau now carries a recycled wallet with a SIM card slot

    I love my home state for a number of reasons, but this is just one more reason why Oregon kicks ass. Portland, OR-based clothier Nau’s billfold wallet is perfect for any world traveler. It has a SIM card dedicated slot built right in! And it’s made from 100 percent recycled polyester. Read More

  • Cricket Wireless offering unlimited data for $35/month

    When I was back home in Portland a couple months back the tattoo shop I frequent had a Cricket shop next door and I didn’t really think anything of it. I know they’re small time and only offer service in Portland, Spokane, Nashville, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, the Central Valley of California and eventually Tulsa, but they’ve got a pretty sweet deal going on for those needing… Read More