Niantic’s latest acquisition lets AR Pokémon hide behind the real world

It seems like a simple concept: when rendering something in augmented reality (like, say, a Pikachu in Pokémon GO) and something in actual reality (like, say, a human, or a car, or a planter) passes

Pokémon Quest hits the Nintendo Switch with two more Pokémon titles on the way

Much like the unique and forking joy of catching an eevee you plan to evolve, Poké trainers have some exciting branching paths ahead of them. In a dedicated press event in Tokyo, the Pokémon Company

Pokémon GO gets a new and improved augmented reality mode (but only on iOS)

Remember back in June, when Niantic took the stage at WWDC to show off a beta build of Pokémon GO? The one that used Apple's new augmented reality framework, ARKit, to beef up the game's AR abilities

Pokémon Go’s Halloween event will bring new Pokémon, double candy, and more

Just a few days ago we wrote that new Pokémon were seemingly just about to land in Pokémon Go timed alongside a Halloween event — and hey, what do you know: Niantic has just confirmed it. The firs

Images hidden in Pokémon GO suggest new Pokémon might appear around Halloween

If you're still poking around Pokémon GO, there's a good chance you've caught most of what's available by now. Good news! It seems Niantic is getting really, really close to adding Gen 3 (or "Hoenn")

Get ready for a new Pokémon game for smartphones

The Pokémon Company just launched a new website introducing a brand new Pokémon game for your iPhone and Android phone, as Kotaku spotted. The game is called Pokéland and is currently only availabl

Niantic explains why it killed third-party Pokémon Go tracking services

Pokémon Go creator <a target="_blank" href="http://www.nianticproject.com">Niantic</a> has released <a target="_blank" href="https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGO/posts/940141879465704">a statement</a>

Apple says Pokémon Go is the most downloaded app in a first week ever

Apple has told TechCrunch that <a target="_blank" href="https://techcrunch.com/tag/pokemon-go/">Pokémon Go</a> has broken an impressive App Store record. While the game was only available in a few co

What the Pokémon Go hype train means for Nintendo’s value

There’s been much talk about Nintendo suddenly creating an enormous amount of value for itself with the release of Pokémon Go, perhaps one of the most successful game launches of all time. Foll

Pokémon Go will launch in Japan tomorrow with game’s first sponsored location

Pokémon Go will finally launch in Japan tomorrow, with McDonalds set to become the game's first sponsored location.

How far does the Pokémon brand have to carry Pokémon Go?

How far can the Pokémon brand carry Pokémon Go? Will its popularity fade after that initial burst of activity thanks to the power of its brand? That’s a huge question that’s circulating

Pokémon Go continues its worldwide march, now live in the UK

One of the more interesting side effects from the explosion of new mobile AR game Pokémon Go is physical movement: a lot of people are finding themselves walking miles and miles (and miles) more t

Pokémon Go expands to Europe starting with Germany

Pokémon Go isn’t a global phenomenon just yet as the game has only been available in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. But the game is preparing for its European launch. Pokémon Go is now <a ta