Pokémon Go’s Halloween event will bring new Pokémon, double candy, and more

Just a few days ago we wrote that new Pokémon were seemingly just about to land in Pokémon Go timed alongside a Halloween event — and hey, what do you know: Niantic has just confirmed it.

The first Generation 3 Pokémon should start showing up as early as tomorrow, October 20th, at noon Pacific.

As we figured initially, though, we’re not going to see the entire Gen 3 collection land at once; instead, it’ll just be some of the spooky Ghost-type stuff. So far we’ve seen confirmation (be it from leaked images or Niantic’s blog post) of Sableye, Duskull, Banette, and Dusclops.

The full Gen 3 is made up of over 100 new Pokémon, so this rollout is but a sliver of that — but hey, new Pokémon! Niantic says the rest of Gen 3 will “gradually” show up starting in December.

Meanwhile, tomorrow also marks the beginning of a Halloween event that’ll run until November 2nd. The Halloween event also includes:

  • Another hat-wearing Pikachu: witch hat Pikachu. This one joins Santa hat Pikachu, Ash hat Pikachu, and Party hat Pikachu on the list of “Special Pikachu that only appeared for a little while”
  • Increased spawns of other ghost-type Pokémon, like Gastly, Misdreavus, and Cubone.
  • A Mimikyu-themed hat for your avatar
  • Double candy for all transfers, catches, and hatches. Buddy Pokémon will also find candy twice as fast.