Philips Introduces Android-Powered 4K TVs Coming Later This Year

Google TV is likely going away entirely, to be replaced by a familiar face – Android. Philips has just unveiled new Ultra HD (4K, whatever you prefer) TVs (via 9to5Google) that will be running Googl

Philips Makes Hue Smart Lights More Affordable, More Lazy-Friendly With Hue Lux And Hue Tap

In what seems to be the beginning of a real-life Wall-E situation, Philips has introduced an even easier way to control your home’s Hue smart lighting system. Because, you know, fishing your sma

Philips Debuts Open APIs And An iOS SDK For Hue Connected Lighting System

Philips Hue is a lighting system that changes the definition of what your standard home lighting setup is, and now there's an official developer program for the innovative Wi-Fi-connected bridge and b

The Philips Hue Is The Perfect Minecraft Accessory To Track The Day/Night Cycle

It's hard to find a compelling use case for the Philips Hue. But <a target="_blank" href="">Jim Rutherford</a> and <a target="_blank" href="

Philips Bows Out Of Consumer Electronics Business

Philips, a brand well known for their televisions and optical media devices, is leaving the consumer electronics market and is now focusing on medical equipment and lighting. The company sold its CE b

Philips Predicts LEDs Will Take 50 Percent Of Lighting Market By 2015

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Today, Philips announced that their <a href="

LED Mania: Bridgelux Adds $21 Million Funding, Digital Lumens Goes Global

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Despite <a href="

Philips Lights Up OLEDs Without A Power Adapter

Previously, if you wanted to use an OLED display, you had to use a power adapter. The problem was that OLEDs required low voltage to light up, instead of the standard (in Europe) 230v system. Now, sci

Technology IP Holding Company Intertrust Acquires Seeqpod Assets

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Intertrust Technologies Corporation</a>, a company that develops and an

Songbird Lands Deal With Philips, To Come Bundled With Millions Of Portable MP3 Players

<img src="" width="215" height="148" />Don't count <a href="">Songbird</a> out yet. The open sou

Report: Sharp and Philips agree on LCD TV deal

<img src="" /> The consolidation process in the TV business continues and now even becomes international. Just last month, <a href="..

Old and busted: e-ink; New hotness: e-skin

<img src="" />E-ink is cool, sure, but it's still largely a black-and-white technology. Philips Research has moved into the color rea

CrunchGear Video Review: Four headsets enter, one leaves

<img src="">For those of you about to rock, I encourage you to pick out a nice pair of headphones. I tested four models at around $100. They

Video: Why think when you can watch this fun Philips Lumiblade demonstration?

<img src="" />There's not too many gadgets out there that I'd spend money on. There's the Zune HD, which, while totally unreadable in d

In which we see a young lady holding the Philips Sensual Massager at IFA

The thing that got the biggest titters at IFA were Philips improved “sensual massagers,” the his and hers HF8400. Interestingly, Philips is straight up saying this is a sex toy and it was

That's a mighty generic-looking Android phone you got there, Philips

<img src="" />It may be that we're entering an era of lozenge-shaped phones with little to distinguish them from one another,

What movies would you want to ‘feel’ while wearing this Philips jacket?

<img src="" />Oh the things engineers do when they're bored and forced to look busy. Philips will debut, at a conference in Salt Lake City

Video Review: Philips Prestigo SRT 9320 fancy-pants touchscreen remote control

<img src="" />There's an episode of Seinfeld (“<a HREF="">The Slicer</a>”) where George and J

Cheaper discs? Panasonic, Philips, Sony plan joint Blu-ray licence

<img src="" /> Panasonic, Philips and Sony <a href="">today anno

Tiny bubbles make me feel fine

<img src="" />Philips is working on some fancy new drug deliver technologies that utilize <a href="
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