A quarter of US adults now get news from YouTube, Pew Research study finds

Around a quarter of U.S. adults, or roughly 26%, say they get news by watching YouTube videos, according to a new study from Pew Research Center, which examined the Google-owned video platform’s

YouTube’s bully problems prove that community doesn’t scale

I have a confession to make. It’s something that I live with daily. It’s not that I’m not proud of’s just that I’m never sure how people will see me after they know my “secret.”

Popbase helps YouTube stars build closer relationships with their fans

Entertainment has changed. New platforms led by YouTube have emerged to change the dynamic of broadcast media — once dominated by the rigid programming of TV — while the internet has enabl

‘I’m just an idiot;’ top YouTuber PewDiePie apologizes for racial slur usage

Last week, the world's most popular YouTuber said the n-word while live-streaming. Backlash was immediate and while his fans managed to make excuses for him, the YouTuber told his more than 57 million

PewDiePie, the world’s most popular YouTuber, is back making more racist comments

PewDiePie, the world’s most popular YouTube broadcaster with over 57 million subscribers, is back once again making racist comments. The broadcaster, real name Felix Kjellberg, lost a lucrative

Crunch Report | Youtuber Pewdiepie Gets in Trouble

Apple shows us trailers for its first original shows, YouTuber Pewdiepie gets in trouble over some anti-Semitic remarks in some of his videos, Microsoft wants a digital Geneva Convention and Twitter d

PewDiePie’s YouTube Red series gets cancelled after vlogger posts anti-Semitic content

YouTube says it’s cancelling the second season of vlogger star PewDiePie’s reality show, and has booted his channel from its premium advertising program. The announcement comes shortly aft

Disney cuts ties with PewDiePie, YouTube’s top star, over anti-Semitic clips

Disney has cut ties with YouTube’s most popular star after he posted a series of videos featuring anti-Semitic clips and messages. PewDiePie has 53 million subscribers on YouTube, is part of or

PewDiePie’s new game “Tuber Simulator” hits the top of the App Store, crashes

What happens when the world’s biggest YouTube star Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg tells his 48 million YouTube subscribers to download and play his new mobile game? The game promp

Warner Brothers fined for paying YouTube celebs to promote game

Warner Brothers was just found guilty of manipulating new media by paying prominent YouTube hosts to promote a video game.

The wide world of e-sports

I played a lot of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty online when it launched. And by that I mean a lot. I inevitably drifted into watching streams of other players competing in order to improve my game. E

YouTube Will Premiere Its First Original Series And Movies Next Week, Including A New PewDiePie Show

YouTube will premiere its first original movies and series for YouTube Red on February 10. The main draws behind YouTube Red — the site’s recently launched subscription service — we

PewDiePie Now Has His Own YouTube Network Within Maker Studios

<a target="_blank" href="">PewDiePie</a> is launching his own multi-channel network called <a target="_blank" href="">Revelmode</a>. You may remember th

Google’s Move Toward Fair Use Comes In Anticipation Of YouTube Red

In November, Google through its copyright legal director Fred Von Lohmann announced it would offer legal support on the basis of fair use to a select group of content creators on YouTube that receive

Pirate Radio, YouTubers And Video Games

YouTubers are considered a big boon by some, but also a big threat by others. Game developers in particular sometimes feel that what they're doing is less journalism/coverage and more like pirate radi