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After Netflix, Disney is cracking down on password sharing

Disney is preparing to crack down on password sharing on its streaming services, following a similar move from Netflix that kicked off a few months ago. The company’s CEO Bob Iger said that pass

Netflix updates ‘Profile Transfer’ feature so users can switch to an existing account

Netflix is updating its Profile Transfer feature to allow members to switch to an already existing account, the company noted today in a blog post. Now users can transfer their profile preferences to

Netflix starts cracking down on password sharing in four new markets, including Canada

Netflix today announced it’s rolling out paid sharing, otherwise known as Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing, to more countries, including Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. The

Netflix lists rules and exemptions to prevent account sharing outside household

Netflix is now detailing how it aims to maintain password sharing within a household while cracking down on outside usage. The company aims to curtail account sharing this year by asking people to pay

Netflix to test a new ‘add a home’ option to charge for password sharing

Netflix announced today that it will begin testing a new “add a home” feature to charge users who share their account with others in select countries. The test marks the streaming giant&#8

Netflix tests a new feature that will raise prices for account sharing

Netflix will begin testing a new, opt-in feature that will prompt subscribers to pay extra if sharing the service with people outside their own household. The feature will allow households to add up t

Jam lets you safely share streaming app passwords

Can’t afford Netflix and HBO and Spotify and Disney+? Now there’s an app specially built for giving pals your passwords while claiming to keep your credentials safe. It’s called Jam,

Psst… it’s still okay to share your Netflix password

A Federal Appeals Court this month issued a ruling that makes password-sharing a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. That has given many Americans pause, as sharing passwords to onli

A court ruled that it could be a federal crime to share your Netflix password

Last week the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion that an employee acted “without authorization” when he used a former co-worker’s login (with their permission) to