• Disney signs up with VUDU, releases 60 library films for sale

    Great news for VUDU owners this morning. Well, great news if they happen to have kids. VUDU just announced that Disney has released 60 library films for purchase and future titles will be up on the same day that the Blu-ray/DVD titles are released. Read More

  • Free To Use. Pay To Play.

    The tech world is an interesting one when it comes to companies making money. Some at the top like Microsoft, Apple and Google are raking in billions in profits every year. And each of those do it with different models: Microsoft through software, Apple through hardware and Google through advertising. But at the other end of the spectrum, most startups, even the very popular ones… Read More

  • The Freemium Model And A Desktop App Get The Thumbs Up With Pandora One

    You’d be hard pressed to find someone who tries the online streaming radio service Pandora that doesn’t like it. In fact, some users like it so much that they actually ask for ways to pay the company, to make sure it stays alive (something that has been a question mark given the oppressive Internet radio licensing costs). And while there has been a limited subscription version for… Read More

  • Imeem About To Expand iPhone Music Storage By Way Of The Cloud

    Easily my favorite app on the Android platform is Imeem. It’s simple, fast and powerful, allowing you to listen to a huge range of music for free. And now it’s coming to the iPhone, we’ve learned. The Imeem app has already been submitted for App Store approval and could be released any day, we’re hearing from a reliable source. In terms of what it will offer, you… Read More

  • The iPhone Is Accelerating Music Sales For Pandora

    Pandora is a company that mainly makes its money through advertising deals on its streaming Internet radio service. But a growing portion of the business is also affiliate downloads of songs that users hear on Pandora and want to buy on either iTunes or Amazon’s MP3 service. And the biggest mover accelerating growth in that regard are downloads taking place on the iPhone. Users are… Read More

  • Dora Merges Three Hot Web Services: Pandora, Twitter and

    Letting people know what music you are listening to has long been a staple of the web. The blogging platform LiveJournal has long had the “listening to” field, instant messaging clients like iChat and Google Talk added the ability to update your status based on the song you were listening to a few years ago, and now people are using Twitter to send our their music selections. Read More

  • Goom Gets $16 Million To Litter Web Radio With Beyonce And DJs

    One of the reasons that Internet music streaming services Pandora, imeem and have been able to build large audiences is because they are run by people who have a passion for music. Or should I say, a passion for music beyond pop music. With Goom Radio, I’m not so sure. Not only is Goom clearly trying to play the popular music card with a website littered with the likes of… Read More

  • Boxee Continues To Innovate With API And New Alpha Version For Mac, Apple TV

    Free entertainment hub Boxee keeps on getting better and better. A couple of hours ago, the venture-backed startup released a full API that allows developers to build applications for the open-source platform using a set of API calls in Python and writing the GUI using XML. At the same time, the company is laying the groundwork for a richer App Box, which it refers to as an open application… Read More

  • Troubled SeeqPod Files For Bankruptcy Protection

    SeeqPod, the popular “playable media” search service that many music sites use as the foundation for their core offering, has filed a petition for Chapter 11 yesterday with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of California. The company, which has raised $7 million in venture capital to date from undisclosed investors, is evidently doing this out of fear about the… Read More

  • Video: Quake demoed on Pandora gaming handheld

    Pandora just put out this video of their pre-production gaming handheld and so far, so good. The final production models will be black and this test model is white, so that they can stress points. The OS on Pandora handheld is Linux and the video shows Quake being played at full resolution of 800×480 at 60FPS. Looks pretty good. Read More

  • Pandora now available on VUDU

    VUDU seems to always be growing and expanding its Internet content and Pandora is the latest app on the device. It joins services such as Youtube, Picasa, Flickr but is the first Internet Radio app on VUDU and it seem to be a great implementation of the popular service. Read More

  • Commerical radio is dead: Why CBS Radio's K-Rock format switch in New York won't make a bit of difference in fight against technological irrelevance

    There’s something wrong with CBS Radio’s press release announcing the launch, complete with silly “countdown,” of 92.3 Now FM in New York City, a contemporary hit radio station that will replace K-Rock on Wednesday, March 11, at 5:00pm. (Contemporary hit radio, in plain English, means garbage pop songs, distinguished by their use of auto-tune and use of… Read More

  • Pandora handheld sneaking towards production, hopefully

    We have been watching the Pandora handheld gaming console with curious eye for a while. The latest pics finally show some hint of production quality unlike the last time the Pandora popped up. In fact, this model seems to be a skinned version of the last prototype running Ångström Linux on its 800 x 480 4.3-inch screen. (video demo after the break) Seeing this latest version digs at our… Read More

  • Pandora Handheld Gaming Computer prototype

    We’ve heard about the fabled Pandora handheld emulation device for a while now and maybe, just maybe, it will hit the market before we lose interest. This prototype looks similar to the early renderings which is great cause it seems like the perfect, pocketable size. All the specs are reportable the same too, but now we can see the little guy in action with the video after the break. Read More

  • Takes On Imeem On Android

    Music recommendation engine / social network has launched an official, feature-rich application for the Android platform that enables users to stream radio stations (including personalized streaming radio), consult up-to-date concert information and also offers the ability to track users’ listening habits based on their profile. The company says the application should… Read More

  • Pandora Radio Starts Serving Audio Ads

    Pandora Radio, the cool personalized radio station that recommends songs based on its Music Genome Project, has started serving audio ads. The high royalty costs associated with streaming licensed songs seem to have finally caught up to the service, which until now has primarily used image-based advertising. The ads seems to be fairly sparse, but have received enough attention that the… Read More

  • MOG Has Created The Ultimate Streaming Music App; Too Bad It May Never Launch

    MOG demo’d the next version of their popular music service to me today, and I was impressed. It combines a best of breed interface with free on demand streaming and a Pandora-like music recommendation engine. The trouble is, it may never launch because only two of the four major music labels are supporting it so far. MOG has a history of doing cool new things around music. The service… Read More

  • Pandora Radio 2.0 Lands On The iPhone Tonight

    Pandora Radio, the personalized internet radio service that has remained among the most popular iPhone apps on the iTunes App Store since its inception in July (and that I’ve previously called the iPhone’s killer app), will be releasing its most significant update yet later today. Dubbed Pandora 2.0, the application will now include artist biographies, streaming samples for… Read More

  • 2009: Products I Can't Live Without

    At the beginning of each year I traditionally publish a list of my favorite startups and products. This is the fourth year I’ve done this – previous lists: 2006, 2007, 2008. You guys get to pick the winners of the Crunchies – this list is all mine. This is a list of the products I tend to use daily. Some are for work (WordPress, Delicious, Zoho, etc.), some are for fun… Read More

  • What Was The Best Of The Web in 2008? A Voter's Guide For The Crunchies.

    Last night we released the finalist names for the Crunchies Awards. Vote here for who you think should win. We’ve set up a site that is pretty self-explanatory, with all of the names of each finalist for every category, along with links to their Websites and Crunchbase profiles where you can learn more about each one before voting. The Crunchies represents the best the Web had to offer… Read More

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