• "Universal Packaging System" concept misses the point

    In theory Patrick Sung’s new design concept sounds good. A sheet of cardboard, perforated in such a way to make it easy to wrap around an item, all the time protecting it from damage during shipment. But that’s where the good idea fails. Plus, I doubt the United Parcel Service will let him use their logo. Read More

  • Amazon's convenient packaging hates hard drives

    I like Amazon’s “frustration free” packaging. When I ordered my copy of Command & Conquer 4, it came in that easy to open package, and it makes sense: why put a dvd in a box with a bag of air, and waste all that shipping? Would I trust a hard drive to that packaging? No way in hell. Read More

  • New packaging concept helps lazy shoppers find fresh produce

    Don’t you hate standing in the supermarket, with all those people standing around you, peering in your cart and passing judgement over your purchases? You can code a beautiful, standards compliant cross-browser compatible website in your sleep, but you’re stymied by which head of lettuce is the freshest. Technology is here to help you, comrade: as time passes, the barcode on… Read More

  • Why software costs so much: It's the packaging!

    Here’s a fairly egregious example of wasteful packaging sent by Quantum to a buddy of mine. The boxes they are unpacking contain Quantum’s licensing agreements, two single sheets of paper that were shipped in their own boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap, and contained in one main box also full of bubble wrap. Read More

  • Great moments in product packaging

    I received this disk sample last year and I reused the sleeve to store some Windows disks. What I didn’t notice until this morning was the excellent spelling job on the front of the sleeve. They need a dictoinary! Read More

  • Open It now!

    If you’ve been following BFF, which I know you have, then you know how aggravating it is to try and open those obnoxious blister packs. With the gift giving season in full force what better gadget could anyone ask for other than the Open It? The Open It from Zibra combines a cutting tool, dual-head screwdriver and retractable cutting blade into the ultimate ‘wrap rage cure’. Read More

  • Xbox 360 Won't Lower In Price

    Word on the interwebs is that Microsoft won’t be changing its pricing for the Xbox 360 anytime soon. Despite lower manufacturing costs due to the 65nm CPUs used in the console, Microsoft is expected to stick to its current pricing scheme. What’s being thrown around as an alternate solution to entice buyers is game bundling. Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance are… Read More