"Universal Packaging System" concept misses the point

In theory Patrick Sung’s new design concept sounds good. A sheet of cardboard, perforated in such a way to make it easy to wrap around an item, all the time protecting it from damage during shipment. But that’s where the good idea fails. Plus, I doubt the United Parcel Service will let him use their logo.

Items are placed in boxes for a reason. The extra space can be filled with packing material to cushion your item from shock, and boxes are square and uniform in size so they are easy to load into a vehicle. Patrick designed a flat sheet packaging system that uses pre-perforated pattern to allow you to wrap the item like a blanket, and then take the sheet closed. I like the idea that the packaging is more recyclable then using standard foam packing peanuts, I just don’t think this is something that will really catch on as a packing method. Neat idea though.

[via Yanko Design]