AppScale Launches As An Open-Source Backup Equivalent To Google App Engine

Startup <a target="_blank" href="">AppScale</a> has launched its open-source backup up service for Google App Engine (GAE), which is compatible with standard cloud services that d

CenturyLink Acquiring AppFog To Move Into Platform-As-A-Service Market

According to a source within the company, CenturyLink is acquiring AppFog, a platform-as-a-service company. Terms of the deal were not revealed. AppFog will become part of Savvis, a Century Link compa

Rackspace Rolls Out Its Mobile Plan As Vendors Get Giddy About Backend Data Pipes And Spigots

Suddenly all this backend stuff is hot. Who would have ever thought that data pipes and the spigots would get so much attention? Salesforce is getting into the game and now so is Rackspace with the l

State Of The Platform As A Service Market, A Discussion For Deploycon

The spring tech tour continues next week in Santa Clara with Deploycon, and I will be there to discuss the spectrum of PaaS providers and how they play across this broad, malleable and often manipulat

How App Stores Can Become A Catalyst For A Developer-Focused IT Universe

After my <a href="

Appsecute Offers Social Stream For DevOps To Manage Apps On Cloud Services

<a target="_blank" href="">Appsecute</a> launched last year with a platform that gave customers a single view across any platform as a service (PaaS). Today the company is showing

Forrester Report Shows Amazon AWS Reigns Supreme With Developers As Windows Azure Gains Momentum

Big surprise: Amazon Web Services (AWS) reigns supreme as the developer platform of choice while Windows Azure is showing impressive growth, according to a <a target="_blank" href="http://www.forreste

Google Could Loosen Amazon’s Cloud Grip With Pay-Per-Use API Services

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Chris Potter is co-founder of <a target="_blank" href="">ScreenLight</a>, a cloud video collaboration service for video producers to review and appr

Heroku’s New Add-Ons Marketplace Is A “Program In A Box” For Developers

<a target="_blank" href="">Heroku</a> announced a new <a target="_blank" href="">version of its Add-Ons Marketplace</a> to give developers a "program in a

An Interview With Amazon Web Services Senior Vice President Andy Jassy

I interviewed Amazon Web Services Senior Vice President Andy Jassy today at the AWS re:Invent conference. Before the interview I asked my Twitter followers for questions to ask. I could not use al

Pagoda Box Is Easier Than Amazon Web Services, But More Customizable Than Heroku

I've had a sense for a while that infrastructure-as-a-service (like Amazon Web Services) and platform-as-a-service (like Heroku) are converging. Developers love the idea of using a PaaS to speed up pr

AppFog And Rackspace Want To Break Your App Out Of Amazon’s Walled Garden

During the great Amazon Web Services outages of April 2011 and June 2012 many users were stuck. They could, in theory, move their apps to another AWS region, or to another cloud provider altogether. B

Why Platform Clouds Need to Be More Like App Stores

The app store model, pioneered by companies like Handango and popularized by Apple, has become the preferred method for distributing software on everything from desktops to post-PC devices. We're also

Paul Maritz Out As VMware CEO And Mentioned As Candidate For Top Spot At EMC Or Cloud Foundry Spin Off

Paul Maritz is out as the CEO of VMware and will be replaced by EMC COO Pat Gelsinger. Maritz spent four years at VMware. It's uncertain what he will do but rumors have swirled all day about about

Nodejitsu Takes On Heroku, Microsoft Azure With Node.js Platform Cloud

<a target="_blank" href="">Nodejitsu</a> announced a long awaited public beta for its Node.js platform cloud service this week, that runs on Amazon Web Services, Joyent or Rackspac

IBM Tweet Chat Today: The Economics Of IT – What It Means In The New Age Of The Cloud and Big Data

I am moderating an <a target="_blank" href="">IBM tweetchat</a> that starts in

Sorry IBM – A Big Box Is Not A Platform As A Service

In April, IBM rolled out a big new machine called IBM PureApplication Systems, a member of the <a target="_blank" href=""

Readers: What’s Your Cloud Strategy?

I get press releases every week about some new (or old!) company and their so-called cloud solution. Some folks are clearly abusing the popularity of the "cloud" buzzword, and others are actually doin

VMware Cloud Foundry PaaS adds support for .NET

VMware, whose core products specialize in virtualizing Windows and Linux workloads, is making some interesting maneuvers in the Platform as a Service (<a href="">PaaS</a

Red Hat’s OpenShift Adds Full Java Lifecycle Offering

Red Hat's OpenShift platform as a service offering has been in public beta for a while now. It offers a fairly simple way for people to jumpstart "cloud" development efforts by abstracting out all the
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