Pivotal Expands Its Enterprise Cloud Platform To Mobile

Pivotal, the enterprise cloud platform that raised a $105 million private equity round last year, today announced a large expansion of its product portfolio today. The update introduces new services for mobile development to the company’s Pivotal CF platform-as-a-service offering that are designed to work side-by-side with the company’s previously announced data services.

The company argues that these new services will make it easier for enterprises to make the transition to becoming mobile-first, data-first organizations “that can rapidly develop and scale cloud apps, while driving continuous delivery.” The legacy platforms that many enterprises still use to power their desktop applications don’t always cut it when it comes to mobile apps, Pivotal argues — especially if they are geared toward consumers instead of just a few internal customers.

The new CF Mobile Service — which was built on top of Pivotal’s $65 million acquisition of Xtreme Labs in 2013 — will include push notifications, an API gateway and data-sync services. The service also offers IT the ability to set different policies and service level agreements to ensure that the data remain under the enterprise’s control.

As the name implies, Pivotal CF is based on the company’s open source Cloud Foundry PaaS. Given its heritage, it’s no surprise that Pivotal CF supports a wide range of open-source tools (and especially databases), including database services like MongoDB, Riak, Apache Cassandra and the Neo4j graph database.

The new mobile services will become widely available in the third quarter of 2014. The company did not release any pricing details.