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Ariga is helping developers define database schema as code

As companies look to update their databases, especially in a cloud-native context, with so many different databases out there, it’s a huge challenge for developers when migrating from one environmen

Elementl raises $33M Series B for its data orchestration platform based on Dagster

Elementl, a startup that is building a data platform based on the popular Dagster orchestrator, today announced that it has raised a $33 million Series B round led by Georgian. This round also saw par

WireMock lands $6.5M to help developers build and test on mock APIs

As developers work with an increasing number of third-party APIs, they need a tool that mocks those APIs for testing purposes without actually firing the API gateway. Mock APIs mirror the behavior of

Flipboard becomes first app to support Bluesky, Mastodon and Pixelfed all in one place

Social magazine app Flipboard is continuing its investment in the federated social web with today’s news that it’s integrating with decentralized social networks Bluesky and Pixelfed. The

Ballerine brings open source to banks’ risk and identity decision-making

A new startup is launching out of stealth today with $5 million in seed funding as it looks to bring its flavor of open source to risk decision-making software in the finance sector. Ballerine, as the

Stability AI open sources its AI-powered design studio

Stability AI, the AI startup behind the text-to-image model Stable Diffusion, this week announced the release of StableStudio, an open source version of DreamStudio, Stability AI’s commercial AI

AI2 is developing a large language model optimized for science

PaLM 2. GPT-4. The list of text-generating AI practically grows by the day. Most of these models are walled behind APIs, making it impossible for researchers to see exactly what makes them tick. But i

Google launches ML Hub to help AI developers train and deploy their models

At its I/O developers conference, Google today announced its new ML Hub, a one-stop destination for developers who want to get more guidance on how to train and deploy their ML models, no matter wheth

AWS open sources fuzzing tool SnapChange and policy-based access control language Cedar

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched two new open source projects today, a move designed in part to address concerns around software supply chain security. The Amazon cloud computing subsidiary reve

OpenAI’s new tool attempts to explain language models’ behaviors

It’s often said that large language models (LLMs) along the lines of OpenAI’s ChatGPT are a black box, and certainly, there’s some truth to that. Even for data scientists, it’s

How Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund is fighting for the future of open source software

A crypto wallet theft lawsuit brought about by a man who claims to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto could jeopardize the future of open source software development. That’s according to the Ja

Nvidia releases a toolkit to make text-generating AI ‘safer’

For all the fanfare, text-generating AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 make a lot of mistakes — some of them harmful. The Verge’s James Vincent once called one such model an “emoti

Linux Foundation launches new organization to maintain TLA+

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit tech consortium that manages various open source efforts, today announced the launch of the TLA+ Foundation to promote the adoption and development of the TLA+ pr

Qdrant, an open source vector database startup, wants to help AI developers leverage unstructured data

For many, ChatGPT and the generative AI hype train signals the arrival of artificial intelligence into the mainstream. But while there’s little question of a seismic sea change these past six mo

Semgrep (formerly r2c) lands $53M investment to grow code security platform

Ideally, when it comes to building secure applications, it’s best to check the code as it moves through the development process, so that vulnerabilities can be found before it gets into production.

In letter to EU, open source bodies say Cyber Resilience Act could have ‘chilling effect’ on software development

More than a dozen open source industry bodies have published an open letter asking the European Commission (EC) to reconsider aspects of its proposed Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), saying it will have a

Cerbos takes its open source access-control software to the cloud

Cerbos, a company building an open source user-permission software platform, has today announced a new managed cloud service and a fresh $7.5 million in seed funding. Founded out of London back in ear

Google’s free Assured Open Source Software service hits GA

About a year ago, Google announced its Assured Open Source Software (Assured OSS) service, a service that helps developers defend against supply chain security attacks by regularly scanning and analyz

Databricks open sources a model like ChatGPT, flaws and all

The march toward an open source ChatGPT-like AI continues. Today, Databricks released Dolly 2.0, a text-generating AI model that can power apps like chatbots, text summarizers and basic search engines

After spinning out of IBM-acquisition NS1, open source startup NetBox Labs raises $20M

NetBox Labs, a new open source startup spun out of VC-backed network automation company NS1 back in January, today announced it has raised $20 million in a Series A round of funding from a slew of hig
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