Facebook Integration Coming To GM's OnStar

It’s safe to say we’ve reached the pinnacle of humanity with this next bit of news: you’ll soon be able to update your Facebook status using OnStar. It’s the first “entertainment-y” option to be offered by OnStar, perhaps designed to cash in on some of the goodwill that has gone Ford’s way with its Sync system.

If the report winds up being true—this is based on unconfirmed information—then you can expect to update your Facebook status using OnStar.

Imagine this:

“Hello, OnStar. Facebook status update—In the car, about to drive.”

Pretty great, right? Eh, maybe some people will get a kick out of it. Nothing wrong with that.

The system would also be able to read aloud Facebook status updates. It would also be able to send and read aloud plain ol’ text messages.

All of this is scheduled to begin sometime this month, and will launch alongside a new advertising campaign, one that will presumably try to pain OnStar as something that’s now hip and groovy, and not just something you use to call roadside assistance.