StarCoder 2 is a code-generating AI that runs on most GPUs

Developers are adopting AI-powered code generators — services like GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer, along with open access models such as Meta’s Code Llama — at an astonishin

Y Combinator wants 100 times more MRI scans

Leveraging resources such as virtual data rooms and shared labs makes it easier for biotech startups to grow. This is good news: We need more companies attacking cancer from novel angles.

Nvidia’s new tool lets you run GenAI models on a PC

Nvidia, ever keen to incentivize purchases of its latest GPUs, is releasing a tool that lets owners of GeForce RTX 30 Series and 40 Series cards run an AI-powered chatbot offline on a Windows PC. Call

Meet the startup taking on Nvidia

Today on Equity, Plex targets profitability, Rebellions aims to take on Nvidia and Nile is building a new data system for SaaS.

CES 2024: How to watch Nvidia, Samsung, Sony and others make their big reveals if you missed them live

CES 2024 is finally upon us, taking over Las Vegas with throngs of crowds, booths full of products and a lot of companies making claims about how AI is improving their offerings. As noted in our CES p

What a long, strange year it’s been in enterprise tech news

Looking back at the top enterprise news stories of the year, it's clear that generative AI dominated, but it wasn't the only news.

Top robotics names discuss humanoids, generative AI and more

Last month, I took an extended break. In a bid to keep my robotics newsletter Actuator (subscribe here) up and running, however, I reached out to some of the biggest names in the industry. I asked peo

Robotics Q&A with Nvidia’s Deepu Talla

A version of this Q&A first appeared in TechCrunch’s free robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.  We’re wrapping up our end-of-year robotics Q&A series with this interview

Nvidia taps China talent for autonomous driving endeavors

Nvidia has long been involved in the development of autonomous vehicle technologies, providing the industry with graphic processing units that can perform millions of calculations simultaneously. Now

New AWS service lets customers rent Nvidia GPUs for quick AI projects

More and more companies are running large language models, which require access to GPUs. The most popular of those by far are from Nvidia, making them expensive and often in short supply. Renting a lo

CentML lands $27M from Nvidia, others to make AI models run more efficiently

Contrary to what you might’ve heard, the era of large seed rounds isn’t over — at least in the AI sector. CentML, a startup developing tools to decrease the cost — and improve

Twelve Labs is building models that can understand videos at a deep level

Text-generating AI is one thing. But AI models that understand images as well as text can unlock powerful new applications. Take, for example, Twelve Labs. The San Francisco-based startup trains AI mo

Embodied AI spins a pen and helps clean the living room in new research

Sure, AI can write sonnets and do a passable Homer Simpson Nirvana cover. But if anyone is going to welcome our new techno-overlords, they’ll need to be capable of something more practical — w

Nvidia brings generative AI compatibility to robotics platforms

It likely won’t surprise you to learn that generative AI has been a white-hot topic in the world of robotics. There are a number of different ideas floating around about the best ways to embrace the

Foxconn and Nvidia are building ‘AI factories’ to accelerate self-driving cars

Nvidia and Foxconn are working together to build so-called “AI factories,” a new class of data centers that promise to provide supercomputing powers to accelerate the development of self-d

How Nvidia became a major player in robotics

[A version of this post appeared in TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.] The last time I’d spoken with the Nvidia at any length about robotics was also the last time we

India’s Reliance partners with Nvidia to build large language model

Reliance Industries’ Jio Platforms has partnered with GPU giant Nvidia to work on building a large language model that is trained on India’s diverse languages, the two firms said Friday, a

Startups that are Ramp-ing up, and startups that are full of sh**

This is our Friday show, and we’re talking about the week’s biggest startup and tech news.

Nvidia is flying high thanks to AI

When Nvidia reported earnings this week with three-digit growth, it put extra pressure on the company to continue performing at a high level.

Nvidia’s Q2 earnings prove it’s the big winner in the generative AI boom

Nvidia’s second-quarter earnings, which were reported Wednesday after markets closed, prove there is money to be made — and lots of it — selling the picks and shovels of the generative AI bo
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