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Notion Ink Weathers The Storm, Plans On Releasing The Adam 2 Android Tablet This December

CrunchGear, now known as TechCrunch Gadgets, has a long, storied relationship with the India-based <a href="">Notion Ink</a>. Long story short, we <a href="h

Notion Ink Adam Tablet User Meta-Review

<img src="">Our <a href="">Notion Ink Adam</a> pre-order is nowhere to be

Turn A Viewsonic GTablet Into A Notion Ink Adam Clone With This Firmware

The enterprising boys over at xda-developers are a fun bunch that are generally looked upon as the best modders in the Android community. Their latest exploit ports the Eden interface found on the now

Hitler Discusses The Notion Ink Adam Delays

I present this without comment, although I’m sure you guys will have your own. [Thanks for the tip, Alqumar!]

Notion Ink Unboxes The Adam, Reveals One Last Secret

Oh boy. The Notion Ink Adam is a bit closer to buyers’ hands and Notion Ink just posted a round of photos showcasing the clever retail packaging that also doubles as a desktop stand! This is cle

A Deep Look At The Notion Ink Adam Tablet And Where It's Going

<img src="">The <a href="">Notion Ink Adam</a> might be the best tablet you've never heard of

Notion Ink Adam Tablet Still Delayed

<img src="">The <a HREF="

Mireo Shows Off Slick Croatian GPS Mapping Software For The Notion Ink Adam

Give this video demo a chance. The first part looks a little antiquited — almost like an old version of MS Streets & Trips — but the party begins once the route is executed and the vir

2011's Top 10 Most Anticipated Gear

<img src="">Who's ready for 2010 to expire? Man, we are. It's not that 2010 was a bad year or anything, but it was all iPad-this, iPhone-tha

Notion Ink Show More Of The Adam's Interface

Here you go, Adam-ites. Notion Ink just posted another video showing off the Adam‘s interface. But really, if you watched the first two videos, it’s more of the same panel interface thing,

Notion Ink Changing Adam Pre-Order Ship Dates

<img src="">Yeah, who didn't see this coming? The first round of Notion Ink Adam Tablets were supposed to ship January 6th. That'

The Notion Ink Adam Should Be Triggering Your Scam-A-Meter Right Now

This isn’t an “I Told You So” post; that’s for John to write if it comes to that. This is a “What The Hell Are You Doing?” post. There are simply way too many red f

Notion Ink Adam Pricing Details Revealed – UPDATE

Notion Ink just went live with the Adam’s pricing. As promised by the company’s blogging CEO, the Notion Ink is priced well below the Apple iPad. The prices listed here are in US dollars b

Notion Ink To Commence Adam Pre-Orders Tomorrow!

Well, well. Some of us *cough* John *cough* never thought we would see this day come, but we have it from a high-level source at Notion Ink that the company will start accepting pre-orders for the Ada

Why I Don't Believe In the Notion Ink Adam (Among Other Devices)

I’ve been allowed the great privilege of enjoying a spirited discussion on this very site with a number of die-hard fans of the Notion Ink Adam tablet. In over 135 comments directed at us by thi

Notion Ink Tablet Still, You Know, Delayed

Yeah, sure, it will come out. Don’t worry. I know you guys are totally into the Notion Ink Adam tablet and I’m here to tell you that this thing won’t ship this year and when it does

Notion Ink: Adam Gets 6-20 Hours Of Battery Life

<img src="" />Some slightly misleading figures have been propagating through the websphere, apparently, describing the much-anti

As The Notion Ink Adam Sneaks Closer To Production, A New Pics and A Short Video Drop

<img src="">Nearly everyone has high hopes for the <a href="">Notion Ink Adam</a>. This

Notion Ink Adam To Have Replaceable Batteries, FCC Cert One Week Ahead Of Schedule

<img src="">The Notion Ink Adam (a.k.a everyone's favorite unreleased iPad killer) is apparently rolling along nicely. The compan

The Notion Ink Adam, the Most Exciting Tablet That Will Never Ship, To Get More Features

<img src="">By the faultless logic of CE manufacturers, if you <a HREF="
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