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  • Notion Ink Show More Of The Adam's Interface

    Here you go, Adam-ites. Notion Ink just posted another video showing off the Adam‘s interface. But really, if you watched the first two videos, it’s more of the same panel interface thing, which seems to be all the core interface of the Adam. With just that and no android market, it’s officially off my “Want, but don’t really need” list. Read More

  • Notion Ink Changing Adam Pre-Order Ship Dates

    Yeah, who didn’t see this coming? The first round of Notion Ink Adam Tablets were supposed to ship January 6th. That’s not happening for at least one buyer. Read More

  • The Notion Ink Adam Should Be Triggering Your Scam-A-Meter Right Now

    This isn’t an “I Told You So” post; that’s for John to write if it comes to that. This is a “What The Hell Are You Doing?” post. There are simply way too many red flags to order a Notion Ink Adam right now. I’m not saying it’s vaporware at this point, but if nothing else, it’s truly a case study in how not to launch a product. Even the… Read More

  • Notion Ink Adam Pricing Details Revealed – UPDATE

    Notion Ink just went live with the Adam’s pricing. As promised by the company’s blogging CEO, the Notion Ink is priced well below the Apple iPad. The prices listed here are in US dollars but also apply to other countries. The company has commented they will offer the Adam at the same price world wide. LCD screen,WiFi — $375 LCD screen, WiFi, 3G — $425 Pixel Qi Screen… Read More

  • Notion Ink To Commence Adam Pre-Orders Tomorrow!

    Well, well. Some of us *cough* John *cough* never thought we would see this day come, but we have it from a high-level source at Notion Ink that the company will start accepting pre-orders for the Adam tomorrow. Read More

  • Why I Don't Believe In the Notion Ink Adam (Among Other Devices)

    I’ve been allowed the great privilege of enjoying a spirited discussion on this very site with a number of die-hard fans of the Notion Ink Adam tablet. In over 135 comments directed at us by this post I’ve been lambasted, my integrity angrily derided, and I have been compared to a set of hirsute female genitalia. You claim that I have some sort of bias against this product or… Read More

  • Notion Ink Tablet Still, You Know, Delayed

    Yeah, sure, it will come out. Don’t worry. I know you guys are totally into the Notion Ink Adam tablet and I’m here to tell you that this thing won’t ship this year and when it does you won’t be happy with it. Barring all that, the company has just released a website so you can gaze longingly at the device for a few more precious hours. Read More

  • Notion Ink: Adam Gets 6-20 Hours Of Battery Life

    Some slightly misleading figures have been propagating through the websphere, apparently, describing the much-anticipated Adam tablet as having a minimum of 15 hours of battery life, and a maximum of around 20. Notion Ink wants to set the record straight, and while the new figures aren’t quite so high, they’re still quite good, and have the benefit of being not totally wrong. Read More

  • As The Notion Ink Adam Sneaks Closer To Production, A New Pics and A Short Video Drop

    Nearly everyone has high hopes for the Notion Ink Adam. This is the tablet that is said to free us from the iPad’s chains, but so far, it’s nothing more than an fanboy’s dream after the numerous shipping delays. But that’s said to change soon according to the official blog where they just posted a few pics of a production sample. There’s even a new video showing… Read More

  • Notion Ink Adam To Have Replaceable Batteries, FCC Cert One Week Ahead Of Schedule

    The Notion Ink Adam (a.k.a everyone’s favorite unreleased iPad killer) is apparently rolling along nicely. The company posted a bunch of small tid-bits on the official blog but only a few stand out from the rest. First, as the headline states, the Adam will have a replaceable battery that will no doubt be touted again and again when comparing the tablet verses the iPad. Also, the Pixel… Read More

  • The Notion Ink Adam, the Most Exciting Tablet That Will Never Ship, To Get More Features

    By the faultless logic of CE manufacturers, if you can’t ship, just keep adding features. To wit: the Notion Ink Adam is now going to have A-GPS, 802.11n support, and even include Unreal Engine support for some hot gaming action using NVIDIA’s Tegra graphics chip. Slashgear, however, is optimistic and expects a January 2011 launch date. Read More