Notion Ink To Commence Adam Pre-Orders Tomorrow!

Well, well. Some of us *cough* John *cough* never thought we would see this day come, but we have it from a high-level source at Notion Ink that the company will start accepting pre-orders for the Adam tomorrow.

Now you should know that not just anybody will be able to slap down cash tomorrow for an Adam. According to the very active Notion Adam company blog, long term “members” will have first dibs at the pre-order. It seems a bit strange on the surface that the company will restrict pre-orders, but hop over to that blog and check out the comment counts on the posts. There’s a good amount of zelous Adam fans. John learned that first hand on these two posts.

I couldn’t dig up specific model details or pricing. The company stressed all along that it would be competitive with the iPad though and six different variants just passed through the FCC, which seems to say the Adam will likely follow the iPad’s hardware scheme as well. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.