Notion Ink: Adam Gets 6-20 Hours Of Battery Life

Some slightly misleading figures have been propagating through the websphere, apparently, describing the much-anticipated Adam tablet as having a minimum of 15 hours of battery life, and a maximum of around 20. Notion Ink wants to set the record straight, and while the new figures aren’t quite so high, they’re still quite good, and have the benefit of being not totally wrong.

Their testing showed the battery floor to be around six hours — and that’s constantly playing 1080p video or streaming YouTube HD stuff. 15-20 hours appears to be the maximum, however, when you have a bit more variety in your activities: browsing, reading e-books, playing Bejeweled, etc.

This definitely places the Adam in the elite class of battery life, up there with the iPad and new MacBook Air. The Pixel Qi screen takes the credit for a lot of that, I’m thinking, but it’s still an impressive feat. I’m really looking forward to trying one of these guys out, if they ever do come out, that is.