Notion Ink Weathers The Storm, Plans On Releasing The Adam 2 Android Tablet This December

CrunchGear, now known as TechCrunch Gadgets, has a long, storied relationship with the India-based Notion Ink. Long story short, we publicly doubted that they could produce a tablet of the quality they were advertising. Well, they made the tablet, but the first several batches were rather rough and the customer service was almost nonexistent. We stated as such and were swarmed with Notion Ink fanboys somehow defending the pile of garbage that was the Adam. (I would link but our comments aren’t ported into the new site yet)

We just stopped posting about the Adam altogether. It wasn’t worth the hassle. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see the company surviving. Now it seems that the company is ready for an encore.

Notion Ink’s outspoken CEO Rohan Shravan recently sat down with Light Reading India where he indicated the world will see the Adam 2 this December “if everything goes fine.” Of course knowing Notion Ink’s history that doesn’t mean that the Adam 2 will be released in December. The company showed off the original tablet for more than a year and half before actually releasing it.

The company managed to stick around and that’s great. According to Shravan’s interview, the company is now over 100 employees. Our main probably with the Adam was the outrageous claims made by the inexperienced company. The Adam has slowly morphed into a seemingly reliable tablet thanks mostly to forum sites and random 3rd party developers. I’ve yet to see a positive review of a stock Adam. It seems most happy Adam owners run a 3rd party ROM. Notion Ink had a crash course in marketing when the original Adam launched and failed terrible. Hopefully they took notes and will either outsource the marketing to an experienced firm or keep the promises a bit more realistic. (both would be best) [LightReading via SlashGear]