Notion Ink Adam Pricing Details Revealed – UPDATE

Notion Ink just went live with the Adam’s pricing. As promised by the company’s blogging CEO, the Notion Ink is priced well below the Apple iPad. The prices listed here are in US dollars but also apply to other countries. The company has commented they will offer the Adam at the same price world wide.

  • LCD screen,WiFi — $375
  • LCD screen, WiFi, 3G — $425
  • Pixel Qi Screen, WiFi –$499
  • Pixel Qi Screen, WiFi, 3G — $549

Pre-orders are by invitation only right now. The general public’s chance at the Adam is at 7:30pm EST. Still, it’s worth pointing out that while the company is taking money for the Adam, they have yet to announce an expected shipping date. Just saying.

UPDATE – The shipping date is on or around January 6, 2011