Turn A Viewsonic GTablet Into A Notion Ink Adam Clone With This Firmware

The enterprising boys over at xda-developers are a fun bunch that are generally looked upon as the best modders in the Android community. Their latest exploit ports the Eden interface found on the now-shipping Notion Ink Adam to the Viewsonic gtablet. Funny thing is, I actually trust these forum members to develop the Android overlay more than the original creators at Notion Ink. That’s not hate; that’s the truth.

The early alpha release is more of “look what we can do” sort of thing than a fully-working release. Some things like the camera simply do not work at this point. But they will. Eventually. Besides, with early reports slowly filtering in that the real Notion Ink Adam is a bit of a disappointment hardware-wise, this might be a good alternative to the Adamites who bought into the nonsense rhetoric of Notion Ink regarding the Eden interface. [via Notion Addicts]