Intel Pitches New Category Of Thin And Light Laptops: "Ultrabooks"

<img src="" /> <a href="">Intel</a> is using the yearly <a href="

LG's New Blade Laptops Continue The Thin-Bezel Trend

<img src="" />Ever since late last year, LG has been <a href="

The LIFEBOOK E741/C Is The World's First Notebook With Built-In Contactless Palm Vein Sensor

<img src="" /> That was quick: on Tuesday, Fujitsu <a href="

LIFEBOOK S761/C: Fujitsu Shows Notebook With Integrated Pico Projector

<img src="" /> It took them a while, but PC makers are finally building notebooks with integrated pico projectors: that

Toshiba Notebook First To Simultaneously Display 2D And 3D Images On One Screen

<img src="" /> <a href="">Toshiba's Regza t

The Best Notebooks Under $500

<img src="" />Laptop Magazine has their 5 Best Sub-$500 Notebooks post out right now, including the HP Pavilion dm1z. Laptop Mag i

LifeTouch Note: NEC Rolls Out Android Netbook

<img src="" /> First a <a href="">LifeTouch</a>-branded Android tablet, now a n

NEC Presents 3D Notebook

<img src="" /> The world gets yet another <a href="">3D</a> device. Today, <a href="http:/

Toshiba Announces dynabook 3D Laptop

<img src="" /> Like <a href="

HP Thinks It Can Sell Nearly 50 Million Notebooks This Year

<img src="" />Apple just announced its <a href="">massive Q1 numbers</a> yesterday; th

Acer's Iconia: the Dual-Screen Laptop I'm Not Sure I Was Waiting For

<img src="" />Acer has unveiled a new "concept device" that they think represents the future of laptopping. I'm not so sure. And while s

Dell Makes The Inspiron Duo Tablet Netbook Thing Official

Here’s what you need to know about the Inspiron Duo: An Intel dual-core Atom N550 is at the core, which is backed by 2GB of RAM, a 250GB HDD, a Broadcome Crystal HD GPU and a 10.1-inch 1,366 x 7

Steve Jobs: "The iPad Is Clearly Going To Affect Notebook Computers"

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-233264" title="appp" src="" alt="" />There has been some debate in recent weeks whether or not the tab

The RNB Eagle Is A Rugged Laptop That Isn't From Panasonic

<img src="" />There aren't that many rugged laptops out there, and chances are if you've seen one around, it was a Panasonic. Their

The ThinkPad Line Reaching 60 Million Sold Notebooks, Lenovo Celebrates With Modes Updates

<img src="">The ThinkPad has long been looked upon as the standard of PC notebooks. Partly because the line ha

Let'snote J9: Panasonic's 10.1-Inch Notebook Has An 128GB SSD On Board

<img src="" /> <a href=""

Sony Integrates USB 3.0 In Its New Flagship Vaio F Notebooks

<img src="" /> Sony has a new line of flagship Vaio notebooks, the F series. <a href="

Toshiba's L635 Laptop Is Aimed At The Kiddie Market

<img src="" />I'm sure you've all had this nightmare: It's your kid's first day in Kindergarten, and when you pick her up from scho

HP Announces A Metric Gaggle Of New Laptops

As if there weren’t enough laptops in the world already! Ah well. The new lineup of Envy, Mini, and Pavilion laptops looks pretty solid, and they’ve got stuff for pretty much every price p

Onkyo presents super-cute Miffy netbook

<img src="" /> Here's your chance in case you want to surprise your daughter or little sister with a geeky present: Onky
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