HP Starts Making Notebooks – In Japan

HP caused a major splash (not only) in the technology world when the world’s biggest computer maker last week announced it plans to spin off its PC business. But one country, which has always been a unique market for many companies, is apparently getting a special treatment: Japan.

We reported back in June that HP will move over part of the production for notebooks from China to Japan, and it looks like the company’s decision from last week didn’t affect the plan. Today, HP actually started manufacturing these devices in its plant in Akishima, Tokyo.

During a press conference, Takafumi Oka, VP at HP Japan, said that he thinks pulling the plug on the computer business would be a mistake on his company’s part and that HP should look into other options instead.

So far, the plant has been used for the production of desktop PCs. The notebooks are initially intended for sale to domestic businesses, followed by models for the general consumer market to be produced by the end of this year. The aim is to slash delivery time by about 50% to five days.

At the moment, HP is producing most of its computers and related products in China.

Via PC Watch [JP]