Samsung Offers Trimmed-Down Series 9 To Better Combat MacBook Air

If the $1649 Samsung Series 9 is too rich for your blood, but you still want a Windows-based ultraportable (or ultrabook, whatever they’re calling them these days), consider… the Samsung Series 9. The 11-inch X1A version of Samsung’s Air-killer is now out, and it’s lighter by half a pound and a few hundred bucks.

So for $1199, you lose the i5 and get an i3, lose 2 gigs of RAM for 2 total, lose 64GB of SSD for 64GB total, but other than that it’s more or less the same machine. I mean, those are significant changes, but you still get the sexy form factor, and all the same ports and such. The battery is a bit smaller, too, but you’ll probably end up with equal or better uptime due to the smaller screen and less intense CPU.

Check out the two Series 9s here. But I’d hold off until Apple makes its big MacBook Air announcement — you never know.

P.S. I notice that the big one is X3A and the small one is X1A. Where’s the X2A?