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Barnes & Noble Updates The Year-Old Nook Color, Adds Netflix, Flixster And More

Barnes & Noble isn't done with its original tablet. The Nook Color is over a year old and it just got its largest update to date that brings Netflix, Flixster, and access to Nook Comics and PagePe

Nook Color Gets Its First Dedicated Twitter App

The Nook Color is getting its first dedicated Twitter application today, an app called <a href="">Tweek</a> built by the boutique software con

On Wednesday, Amazon Will Unveil The “Kindle Fire”

Last Friday, Amazon <a href="">sent out invites</a> to a press conference being held this coming Wednesday.

Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Is Very Real. I’ve Seen It, Played With It.

It's called simply the "Amazon Kindle". But it's not like any Kindle you've seen before. It displays content in full color. It has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. And it runs Android. Rumors of A

Barnes And Noble Preparing Nook Color 2 For September Launch?

Barnes and Noble's Nook Color eReader is a fan favorite, not only because it's great for reading, but also because with a little hackery it becomes a surprisingly decent Android tablet. A new report f

MeeGo Hacked Onto The Nook Color

<img src="">Getting Android on a <a href="

B&N Sends Invites For A Special Announcement

<img src="">Well, after several leaks, <a href="

B&N Serves Up 1 Million Nook App Downloads

<img src="" class="right">Barnes & Noble just announced that <a HREF="">Nook</a>

Fly Or Die: The BlackBerry Playbook Vs. The Color Nook

<img src="" /> Tablets and electronic book readers are on a collision course. In this episode of <em>Fly or Die </em>, ChrunchGear editor

CrunchDeals: Buy The Nook Color From Best Buy And Score A $25 Gift Card

B&N officially made the Nook Color the best iPad alternative tablet last week with the addition of email, calander, and apps. It was already a fan favorite with those features and more, but only b

Nook Color Update Brings Froyo, Email, And Apps To The Color "Ereader"

<img src="">The <a href="">Nook Color</a> has always been considered a wannabe Android tablet and

Xoom Too Expensive? Try These 5 Inexpensive Android Tablets Instead

The comments on yesterday’s post concerning the Xoom’s bungled launch stated loud and clear that people want inexpensive Android tablets — or at least that the high MSRP was the Xoom

Barnes & Noble Now Allows Nook App Submissions (But Nothing Dirty, Please)

Barnes & Noble just announced that they’re opening their Nook platform to developers and will now begin accepting apps. If you thought this was a great opportunity to submit your “Fart

Estimates Point To 3 Million Nooks Color Sold

This, multiplied by a million minus 1 million Digitimes “sources” are stating that 3 million Nooks Color have rolled off the assembly line and into stores over the past year, giving the No

Nook Confirms April Update, New Applications

<img src="" />Looks like HSN wasn't lying when they said the <a href="">Nook Color</a> would be <a

Here Comes The Nook App Store (And Flash Support)

<img src="" />While the <a href="">Nook Color</a> may be a popular tabl

Who Says Tablets Are Useless? This One's Running A Minecraft Server

<img src="" />Now, this isn't exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it does really demonstrate the fact that all tablets (especially t

Microsoft Alleges Patent Infringement On Barnes & Noble E-Reader Devices

<img src="" />Microsoft has <a href="">filed suit</a> against Barne

The Great Valentine’s Day Nook Color Case Gift Guide

You know the drill: Valentine’s Day is next week so here’s come Nook Color cases that would make great gifts. Herp derp. We looked at Kindle cases yesterday so it only makes sense to look

Android 3.0 Running (Poorly) On Nook Color

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) just recently got its first SDK release, and it looks like the enterprising hackers in the Android community have already ported it to the Nook Color hardware. Well, partially.
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