The Great Valentine’s Day Nook Color Case Gift Guide

You know the drill: Valentine’s Day is next week so here’s come Nook Color cases that would make great gifts. Herp derp. We looked at Kindle cases yesterday so it only makes sense to look at the B&N counterpart.

Not surprisingly, there’s a much smaller accessory market for Nook Color cases and that’s reflected in this gift guide. There simply aren’t that many to choose from and Barnes & Noble seem to understand this. The bookseller just put several very nice cases on special for the upcoming holiday. Check ’em out. The official B&N cases are by far the best quality ones I tested.

B&N Montgomery Cover in Petal

Full-grain leather on the outside and faux suede on the inside. There’s no pockets or card holders or general nonsense; just a quality case for the Nook Color. Little plastic tabs hold the device in place, which results in a clean look. Like other case secured with an elastic band, I’m worried that it will wear out before the rest of the case, but at $35.99 you’re not exactly invested all that much.

B&N Soho Cover in Light Coffee

Think of this case a monstrous trifold wallet. It’s a lot like that with little pockets and sleeves on every flap — good for some but could certainly be unnecessary bulk for others. The case uses the same sort of plastic tabs as the Montgomery Cover above, which seem to suspend the Nook Color in the middle of the case. The leather is soft, the design is clever. I’m a big fan and it’s not a bad price either at $49.99.

JAVOedge Editor Book Case

The Editor Book Case from JAVOedge is about as simple as cases come. The Nook Color slides into a tight sleeve and there’s room on the other flap from various notes. There’s even a little elastic band on the spine that wants nothing more than to hold a pen. The build quality and material aren’t stellar, but it’s only $34.99.

Moleskine e-Reader Cover

We looked at the Moleskine e-Reader Cover for the Kindle 2 yesterday and determined that the Kindle 3 just doesn’t fit right. But the Nook Color fits perfectly. In fact, this case is one of the best made out of the bunch and a fantastic deal at $39.95. It’s a tad bit thicker if a Moleskine Volant Notebook is on the other flap, but the added functionality counters the bulk.

JAVOedge Charcoal Book Case

The Book Case from JAVOedge opens up like a reporter-style notepad. This design along with the little rear-mounted kickstand lets the Nook Color stand up. The interior flap features the same pockets as the other case from JAVOedge, but it doesn’t really make sense as the pockets face down when opened. Strange. $34.99.

M-Edge Executive Jacket

M-Edge’s cases were some of the best in our Kindle case round-up and that continues over to the Nook Color. The Exective Jacket features padded leather on the outside, a leather strap and a microsuede interior. Too bad it’s not available yet.