Back-end development platform Platformatic raises $3.5M

Platformatic, a new back-end development platform, wants to make it easier for enterprises to modernize their infrastructure by giving them the tools to build and deploy microservices-based architectu

Cloudflare heads effort to make JavaScript environments interoperable

Cloudflare today announced that it’s collaborating with Deno, the development company behind the eponymous Deno runtime, and individual contributors of the Node.js open source project to create

Prisma raises $40M for its open source ‘Rosetta Stone’ for database languages

When it comes to building databases and other backend software development, different organizations and developers do not always speak the same language. Today a startup called Prisma that’s bui

Stackblitz raises $7.9M to bring a better IDE to your browser

StackBlitz, a developer-focused startup that uses WebAssembly and WebContainers to give you a full development environment in your browser, today announced that it has raised a $7.9 million seed fundi

Google takes AMP to the OpenJS Foundation

AMP, Google’s somewhat controversial project for speeding up the mobile web, has always been open-source, but it also always felt like a Google project first. Today, however, Google announced th

The Node.js and JS foundations want to merge

There are currently two main open-source foundations that focus on JavaScript: the JS Foundation, which was founded in 2016, and the Node.js Foundation, which launched in 2015. The JS Foundation&#8217

Exploit puts popular web and mobile apps at risk

A new exploit could allow users to bypass security checks in Electron, a popular cross-platform development framework. The exploit, posted by Trustwave, has been patched and developers should update t

Keymetrics is a Node.js monitoring tool for your server infrastructure

French startup Keymetrics just raised $2 million from Alven Capital and Runa Capital to build the best monitoring tool for your Node.js infrastructure. The startup’s founder and CEO Alexandre Strzel

Facebook partners with Google, others to launch a new JavaScript package manager

Facebook today launched Yarn, a new package manager for JavaScript. If you’ve every worked with JavaScript and Node.js, chances are that you’ve used the npm package manager to find and r

BrightWork launches to bring easy web app building for front end folks

Front end folks and back end folks just can’t get together. The back end folks are always like “Node.js” and the front end folks are like “Node what?” and then there&#821

npm Raises $2.6M Seed Round To Support Node.js Developers

Relatively easy to learn and highly scalable, Node.js has become a very popular platform for developing apps. Now npm, a package manager that installs, publishes, and manages node programs, has raised

Microsoft Launches Node.js Tools For Visual Studio

Node.js has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for writing server-side code. Windows, however, was never quite the right operating system to develop node.js applications on. That may be

NoFlo Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Everyone To Understand And Visualize Code

NoFlo, a company that has built an open-source visual programming tool based on "flow-based programming," a concept that came out of IBM in the 1970s, is launchign a $100,000 Kickstarter campaign toda

AWS Offers General Availability For Node.js, The Popular Development Platform

<a target="_blank" href="">Node.js</a> is the everyman's platform for developing apps. It's JavaScript on the sever. It's relatively easy to learn and it's immensely popular. Now Ama

Move Over Meteor: Derby Is The Other High Speed Node.js Framework In Town

Although the company behind <a target="_blank" href="">Meteor</a>, a framework for building real-time JavaScript applications in vein of Google Docs, just announced a nice big $11.2 m

Twilio Evangelist Builds Popular Phone-Powered Rolling Robot, Hints Flying Bot Is Next

So here's something you may have seen floating around on Hacker News or elsewhere, but we thought it was cool enough to share in case you're looking for something to do with your weekend. After all, t

You’ve Got To Admit It’s Getting Better

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Node.js Knockout 2011 Winners Revealed

<a href="">Joyent</a> has revealed the winners of <a href="">Node Knockout</a>, the annual <a href="">Node.js</a> hac

Our Favorite New Apps From The Node.js Knockout Competition

<img src="" alt="" title="nodeko" width="246" height="72" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-214451" />Over the weekend, over 200 teams of de