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  • 180 Apps Launch At Rails Rumble 2010: Our Five Favorites

    Astute readers may have noticed a common thread between some of the apps that have been appearing on TechCrunch this past week – namely, that they were built in 48 hours. It’s not just a coincidence: those apps were just two out of nearly 200 that were built in 48 hours this past weekend during the fourth edition of the Rails Rumble coding competition. Each team of up to four… Read More

  • Can't Code? No Problem. Come To The Hackathon Demos This Sunday

    This Saturday, hundreds of hackers, designers, and entrepreneurs are going to descend upon the San Francisco Design Center Concourse for the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. There will be pizza, caffeine, beer, and MacBook Pros as far as the eye can see. Most of the participants won’t leave (and many won’t sleep) until 11 am the next day, when each team will have 90 seconds to… Read More

  • Sign Up Now For The TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon

    The fall edition of TechCrunch Disrupt is fast approaching – less than three weeks to go before the conference kicks off on September 27th. As part of the New York event we held an overnight hackathon immediately beforehand, organized by hackers extraordinaire Daniel Raffel, Chad Dickerson, and Tarikh Korula, and it was, without a doubt, a smashing success. Over 300 participants built… Read More

  • Our Favorite New Apps From The Node.js Knockout Competition

    Over the weekend, over 200 teams of developers met up to participate in Node.js Knockout, a 48 hour coding competition with one basic rule: you *had* to use node.js to build your app. The deadline was midnight on Sunday, which means that the finished applications are currently being subjected to the scrutiny of the expert panel of judges and – perhaps even more terrifying – the… Read More

  • GitHub Hits One Million Hosted Projects

    GitHub, the source code hosting and collaboration service, has hit a major milestone tonight: the site is now hosting one million projects, confirmed Scott Chacon, VP of Research and Development at GitHub. Approximately 60 percent of these projects are full repositories – that is, shared folders with code spread across multiple files – while the remaining 40 percent are… Read More

  • The New York Times Introduces An iPad App

    The New York Times will begin publishing daily on the iPad, offering readers around the world immediate access to most of the daily newspaper’s contents. The New York Times on the iPad, as the electronic publication is known, contains most of the news and feature articles from the current day’s printed newspaper, classified advertising, reporting that does not appear in the… Read More

  • You Asked For It: TechCrunch, The Mobile Version

    You Asked For It: TechCrunch, The Mobile Version

    We’re happy to announce the rollout of a mobile version of TechCrunch. We know how spotty wireless coverage can be, and how frustrating it can get to wait for a ton of extras to load while you’re staring at 2.5″ screen and can’t see them anyway. To that end, this version is stripped down to the bare essentials to ensure quick load times and ease of use. It’s based… Read More

  • TechCrunch Hacked

    As some people noticed, at approximately 10:30 pm PST on Monday evening the main site in the TechCrunch Network – – was hacked and redirected. The site was back up briefly at 11:30 pm but shortly went down again. As of 2:00 am, the site is back up and appears to be stable. At this point we’re still gathering information on how the site was compromised, and… Read More

  • CrunchBase Product Update: Follow Products and Companies, Top 10 List and Twitter Feeds

    Since the official launch of our integration between CrunchBase and Facebook Connect in November, we’ve seen 19% (5,087 out of 26,850) of our edits come from newly registered, non-anonymous users. Even after the predictable spike around the announcement, we’ve seen a sustained and growing percentage of our edits coming from these users (see figure below). As they say, no good deed… Read More

  • Connect To The CrunchBase Firehose: Sign Up With Facebook Connect

    For the past several weeks, we’ve been making improvements to CrunchBase to build a more engaging product for the people that drive it – which is to say, “everybody”. Since it was launched, Crunchbase has always been a freely editable repository of information about technology companies. Since February 2008, we’ve received over 100,000 edits from anonymous users… Read More

  • Rails Rumble 2009 – Vote For Your Favorite App

    Ruby on Rails is well-known for being a powerful tool to help developers quickly turn ideas into working code. Rails Rumble harnesses that power and drives it to its only logical conclusion: a 48-hour programming competition pitting more than 200 teams of coders against one another for some pretty serious prizes. Each team of up to four people is provided with exactly the same thing: a… Read More