• raises $18.7 million to remedy our post-fact society raises $18.7 million to remedy our post-fact society

    As our society continues to devalue facts and statistics,, a two year old data collaboration startup out of Austin, Texas, is fighting back with its passionate community of data nerds. Today the company is announcing a $18.7 million Series B led by Pat Ryan’s family investment group to further build out its platform for aggregating and analyzing data. CEO Brett Hurt… Read More

  • Airbnb Open Sources Its Chronos Scheduler, A More Flexible Cron Replacement With A Web-Based GUI

    Airbnb Open Sources Its Chronos Scheduler, A More Flexible Cron Replacement With A Web-Based GUI

    Airbnb just announced that it has open-sourced Chronos, the company’s replacement for the standard time-based Cron schedule that is probably familiar to everybody who has ever used a Unix-based system. Chronos runs on top of Apache’s Mesos cluster manager and allows developers to execute shell scripts at set intervals and, unlike Cron, you can also trigger jobs by the completion… Read More

  • Got A Spare $100k? Buy Your Own Stargate For The Backyard

    Heads up Stargate fans, the prop auction starts on the 25th. They’ve got pretty much everything from uniforms to animatronic Asgaard puppets. Always wanted a Zat gun to use on your editor? They’re auctioning one off. Fancy a Stargate: Atlantis PDA? You can pick one of those up too. Read More

  • Star Trek onesies for young nerdlings

    While scores of parents the world over may worry endlessly about the distinct possibility of their children growing up nerdly, I say get ‘em started early with stuff like these Star Trek onesies. Read More

  • Great Moments in Nerdery

    Above: Nicholas and Dave talking about World of Warcraft in the CrunchGear chat room. I threw in some stuff about EverQuest to try to be funny and they ignored me. Nerds [] Read More

  • Bay drops a gaggle of Transformers 2 "Fun Facts" and he's not quitting the franchise

    So that’s Ravage in case you were wondering. I thought it was Voltron at first. Anyway, the Bay posted a list of “Fun Facts” about the upcoming Transformers sequel on his blog the other day and I felt the need to share with the rest of you nerds. It’s actually a pretty interesting list. For example, Transformers 1 took up 20TB of space and Revenge of the Fallen takes… Read More

  • What the hell is a SyFy?

    Oh man, Dave Howe should be tarred and feathered today at Sci-Fi’s presentation to advertisers today in NYC. “What we love about this is we hopefully get the best of both worlds,” Mr. Howe said. “We’ll get the heritage and the track record of success, and we’ll build off of that to build a broader, more open and accessible and relatable and… Read More

  • Video: Transformers 2 sneak peek

    Spoilers ahead! Well, maybe not, but I’ve vowed not to watch any and all trailers or videos from the upcoming sequel. You may also be interested to know that Bay was given exclusive access to GM’s design studio to handpick new cars for the film. GM Vice President of Global Design Ed Wellburn gives an interesting tidbit about how Trax and Beat will somehow “work together in… Read More

  • PAX 2008: The public arrives in force

    [ I know you were all wondering what this moment looked like. The jealous, huddled masses were sitting outside while we flimsily credentialed press got to lick the first public playables of Spore, Mirror’s Edge, and so on up and down. Frankly I expected a little more violence. Not that it would have made for a better convention, but it… Read More

  • Funny: "Signs You're on a Summer Vacation with a Geek"

    OMG, this is so true. BBspot has a list of the Top 11 Signs You’re on a Summer Vacation with a Geek. I totally do most of these things. 11. The GPS unit sounds an awful lot like Majel Barrett.
    10. Spend more time on the free wi-fi at the hotel looking up places to visit than actually visiting them.
    9. The luggage has a million tiny feet and is virtually indestructible.
    8. You get… Read More

  • Indiana Jones and the Rad Dork of Kirkland

    Look, I’m as excited to see the new Indiana Jones film as you are, maybe more so, as it’s my favorite series after the original Star Wars trilogy. And while it’s cool to have a hobby, sometimes you just take things too far.

    This local man, who works on Pokemon for a living, might have done just that with his Indiana Jones obsession. His wife wouldn’t let him name their… Read More

  • Order this beer pong table NOW!!!

    I played a lot of beer pong and flipper in college. It was fun, but it got a little unsanitary when people forgot to wash the balls after each throw. Drinking beer with whatever filth is on the table or floor is disgusting. My alma mater had a huge contingent of engineers and quite a few of them were in my fraternity, which makes me wonder why none of them thought of this contraption made by… Read More

  • Suit of plate armor found at Salem bus stop

    [photopress:Original.jpg,full,center] If you’re in Salem, Oregon, and you left a full freakin’ suit of armor at a bus stop, the local police would like to have a word with you. You’ll need some proof of ownership to claim it. Really, though, if you lose a suit of armor, you don’t deserve a suit of armor. Read More

  • Slashdot asks: can nerds date believers in astrology?

    [photopress:astrology_planet_chart.jpg,full,center] Over the weekend, my friend Jimbo and I had a pretty good conversation about hippies, and about my uncanny ability to get into fights with them every weekend. He pointed out that it’s likely because, as a man of reason and a trained engineer, if there’s a conflict, I find a mutually agreeable resolution based on principles of… Read More

  • Video: Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" is geeky, but dumb

    Where does a video like this come from? I’m sure it went down like this. Steve: Guys, we need an idea for Mariah’s next video. Mike: I’ve got it! We dress her up in sexy clothes, maybe in a nightclub, and she dances, we’ll get some guest dancers. Dave: Sure! Mike: Nope, we have to do better than that. Read More

  • UK nerds developing "real" Jedi Academy; By comparison, my odds of getting lucky just went up

    [photopress:tags_bestwick01_i.jpg,full,center] I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Very big. But I realize it’s the results of the imagination of a guy from Modest, CA. See, George Lucas is a creator. He wrote Star Wars as a new take on Science Fiction, and it was awesome. But you shouldn’t base you religion on the writers of Science Fiction, unless your name is Tom Cruise. Jedi to… Read More

  • Want to see the new Lego Star Wars kits? Sure you do!

    [photopress:swlegos.jpg,full,left]If you’re a regular reader of this site, chances are good that you like Star Wars. And like Legos. And like Star Wars legos. So why not head over to T3 and take a look at the forthcoming Lego Star Wars kits coming out this year? You can thank us later. New Star Wars Lego: Video and exclusive pics [T3] Read More

  • Wiimote Gamer Glove: Nerd Alert level delta

    Do you often find your Wiimote airborne? Is the included strap too wussy for your bulging Bowling muscles? Are you tired of beaning your roommate in the melon each time you serve in Tennis? Have we got the thing for you! Sure, it’s another strap. But this one’s attached to a high-impact extreeeeeme sports glove! Never lose your Wiimote again, playa! Game on, man, game on! OK… Read More

  • Lonely Nerd's Guide to the Galaxy

    Apparently, some of you nerds out there are having a hard time getting laid. Not me. I have many methods of tricking my internet date into having sex with me. Anyways, here’s an article that covers 25 vacation destinations where a nerd can get laid without the trickery and drugs. Christina Laun (a real life female!) covers events like Comic-Con, MacWorld, Dragon Con, Galactricruise and… Read More