What the hell is a SyFy?

11syfylogoOh man, Dave Howe should be tarred and feathered today at Sci-Fi’s presentation to advertisers today in NYC.

“What we love about this is we hopefully get the best of both worlds,” Mr. Howe said. “We’ll get the heritage and the track record of success, and we’ll build off of that to build a broader, more open and accessible and relatable and human-friendly brand.”

I’m so angry that I’m shaking right now and I don’t even watch the Sci Fi channel that much. I’m just upset that a major network would fall for such a stupid 2.0 meme by dropping letters or whatever. The name change (online as well) will occur on July 7th with the launch of “Warehouse 13.”

Basically, Sci Fi doesn’t want to be associated with nerds, geeks and the dysfunctional anymore. Even though we’re the ones that catapulted their numbers to record highs last year. Oh, Battlestar Galactica certainly helped, though. What are they going to do when the show goes off the air? I mean, out of 300 possibilities, they chose SyFy.

All I ask is that you don’t start running non-Nerd crap like the O.C. and Dawson’s Creek like my buddy Tim over at Geekadelphia fears.

via TVWeek