New MoPub report aims to help publishers navigate the ad network landscape

Mobile publishers need to work with at least a few different ad networks — that’s kind of the whole point of ad exchanges like Twitter-owned MoPub . Today the company is releasing a report tha

Advertising comes to Twitter’s embedded timelines

Twitter has been releasing a variety tools for publishing its content beyond Twitter itself. Now it’s giving publishers an additional incentive — monetization through the company’s MoPub

MoPub Founder Jim Payne Joins Accel As An Entrepreneur In Residence

Jim Payne <a target="_blank" href="">left day-to-day operations</a> at Twitter nearly a year ago, and now he's

Twitter’s MoPub Sees Big Growth In Native Ads

Twitter-owned mobile ad exchange MoPub is releasing some new numbers about the growth of native advertising. Native advertising is a fuzzy term, but it usually refers to ads that have been customiz

MoPub Report Points To Growth In Video Ads And Super Bowl Spending

The buzz around native and video advertising isn't just hype — they're bringing in more dollars for publishers, according to <a target="_blank" href="

Twitter Says Native Ads Will Be Available To All MoPub Publishers Tomorrow

MoPub is making native ads available to all of its publishers tomorrow, according to blog posts <a target="_blank" href="

Twitter’s MoPub Fires Up An In-Stream Native Ad Product, Launches On Tango

Twitter’s recent acquisition of MoPub has fired up a native advertising business that will launch with in-stream ads on the Tango messaging platform and with other partners. The product is obvi

Twitter Closes Its Acquisition of MoPub

Twitter just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it has closed its acquisition of MoPub. We first <a href="

MoPub’s Optimizer Lets Mobile Publishers Automatically Prioritize Their Most Lucrative Ad Networks

<a target="_blank" href="">MoPub</a> is releasing a new tool called the Optimizer that should allow mobile publishers to take an entirely automated, hands-off approach to managing

MoPub’s New Dashboard Gives Developers One Place To Track Their Revenue Across Ad Networks

Startup <a target="_blank" href="">MoPub</a> aims to help mobile publishers and developers manage advertising from multiple ad networks and other sources. Today it's adding a seemi

Mobile Ad Exchange MoPub Says It Reached A $100M Revenue Run Rate In May

<a target="_blank" href="">MoPub</a>, a startup that helps mobile app publishers run advertising from multiple sources (such as ad networks, direct sales and cross-promotion), says

iPad Becomes Advertisers’ Best Friend

Advertisers favor showing up on iPads over any other device, and they're willing to pay for it. Sky-high click through rates on iPad have helped it surpass the iPhone in popularity amongst advertisers

MoPub Drops Its Price For Ad Network Mediation To Zero

It's the one-year anniversary of <a target="_blank" href="">MoPub</a>'s marketplace for <a href="

Eyeing The International Market, MoPub, The DoubleClick For Mobile, Raises $12 Million Series B

<a target="_blank" href="">MoPub</a>, the Accel-backed mobile advertising startup founded by ex-AdMob and Google employees, is today announcing a $12 million round of Series B fun

MoPub Mobile Ad Report: Android And Social Networking On The Rise

<a target="_blank" href="">MoPub</a>, the <a href="">Accel-backed ad servin

MoPub’s Ad Server Now Supports Mobile Games, Signs Up Ngmoco’s Mobage Gaming Network

<a href="">MoPub</a>, a mobile advertising startup founded by ex-AdMob and Google employees, is launching support for in-game ads and is also announcing a deal to power advertisin

Accel Leads $6.5 Million Round In MoPub, The DoubleClick For Mobile

<a href="">MoPub</a>, a mobile advertising startup founded by ex-AdMob and Google employees, has raised <a href="

MoPub, The DoubleClick For Mobile, Gets Seed Funding From Accel & Harrison Metal

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The Initial AngelPad Startups Get Their Wings

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-242747" title="ap" src="" alt="" />Back in August, <a href="