Twitter’s MoPub Sees Big Growth In Native Ads

Twitter-owned mobile ad exchange MoPub is releasing some new numbers about the growth of native advertising.

Native advertising is a fuzzy term, but it usually refers to ads that have been customized to resemble editorial or user content. MoPub allows publishers to create their own custom native ads, and although it’s been saying that the format is growing, it’s offered scant details.

So here’s what Twitter/MoPub is saying today: The number of apps in the MoPub Marketplace that use native ads has increased 8x between June 2014 and June of this year. eCPMs (the amount that advertisers are paying for each thousand impressions) are up 73 percent. And overall spending on native ads increased 387 percent.

“With more than twice as many DSPs buying native ads inventory and almost five times the amount of spend as of last June, it’s clear native ads have become much more than a niche ad format,” wrote MoPub’s Elain Szu.

To be clear, MoPub didn’t offer native ads to all its publishers until April 2014, so the rollout was probably in its early stages in June. Still, this suggests that the format has seen rapid growth during its first year-plus on MoPub.

You can read more in this blog post.